Domestic bunny: useful tips on choice and care

Domestic bunny: useful tips on choice and care

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Domestic bunny: an overview of the care to be given to him, the type of cage most suitable and the breed (dwarf rabbit, medium size, long hair…).

Thedomestic bunnyis the dream of many guys who want apet. Taking care of a rabbit is not difficult, however it is important to give the right care and attention to the little furry dog.

Know that thepet rabbit, which is adwarf rabbitor a rabbit at the largest size, it definitely islivelyand is able to keep a lot of company, is a sociable animal and therefore can suffer from loneliness and tight spaces. Before adopting adwarf rabbitor any domestic bunnyask yourself these questions:

  • Will the rabbit spend all his time in a cage?
    The dwarf rabbit or anydomestic bunnyhe cannot spend all his time in a cage.
  • Suffering from loneliness, can you give him the right time?
    Every day, you will have to pay attention to it not only for the administration of food and water, but also for its management.
  • Is it for a child?
    Thedomestic bunnyit is not suitable for very young children, has a fragile build and is easily injured. It's fine for teens and kids who have the maturity to treat animals with the right amount of care.

Before buying adomestic bunny, don't ask yourself questions about theprice or breedright, ask yourself this question: can you really take responsibility for giving him the right care? If so, here's what awaits you.

Dwarf rabbit and large rabbit

When it comes to pet rabbits, there are many sizes and many Stingray. Talk about dwarf rabbits ordomestic bunniesit is very generic.

THEdwarf rabbitsthey are extremely small in size. How much does a dwarf rabbit weigh? As an adult, a dwarf rabbit never exceeds 1.5 kg against the 6 - 7 kg it could reach alarge domestic bunny.

Obviously, a dwarf rabbit needs less space than a large-sized rabbit. In addition to the size, you will have to extricate yourself from choosing therace.

There are manyStingray. A very common breed of dwarf rabbit is the Aries, it is a very popular domestic bunny. Other breeds very suitable for the domestic environment are: White Giarra and Pearly Fairy.

How to choose the breed?
Contrary to what happens with cats and dogs, the breed tells us nothing about the behavior of theBunnythat we intend to adopt. Rather it affects aesthetic factors. The behavior of the bunny depends on the individual specimen.

Long-haired dwarf rabbit

There are long-haired, semi-long or short-haired breeds. Keep this rule in mind.

The longer the hair, the more theBunnyit will need care from the owner who will have to clean the litter box, cage and home environment more often. The long-haired rabbit needs to be brushed, untangling the knots in the hair and removing any buildup of dirt.

The advantage of short-haired dwarf rabbits is that they require less grooming and less mess.

Domestic bunny: care

Know that your home is not necessarily safe fordomestic bunnyyou intend to adopt. Check the houseplants you have, some plants can be toxic to the rabbit. Beware of the poinsettia, hellebore and also bulb plants.

Know that if you have gods hamsters or guinea pigs, most likely yoursBunny(even if it is adwarf bunny) could attack and injure them. The rabbit gets along well with its peers but if placed with other species it could become aggressive.

Another factor: pay attention to the upholstery of the sofa. Some specimens ofdomestic bunniesthey show a keen interest in the tissues that gnaw and can ingest, sometimes causing irreparable damage to the gastrointestinal tract. For the first few days of your bunny's freedom at home, keep an eye on his behavior.

As a rule, thedomestic bunnyit should have a very large and safe cage and then a space where it can move freely. No rabbits (not even thedwarf bunnies) must be left in cages 24 hours a day! Even if it is onecagegreat.

Size of a dwarf rabbit or large rabbit cage?

The animal must be able to move easily. What does it mean? That the cage must be very large, with onelength not lessto four times that of the body that the animal will have in adulthood. For example, for apet rabbit 40 cm long, the cage must be at least 160 cm large. Therewidth of the rabbit cageit must not be less than twice the length of the animal's body. Again in the example of a 40 cm long rabbit, the cage must be 80 cm wide.

How to choose the bunny cage

Choosing is not always easy, there are many types ofcagefor rabbit. The cheapest is made with a metal mesh and has a plastic bottom. There are also cages that are aesthetically more characteristic, even at multiple levels, to allow the bunny to move from one space to another.

The bottom of the cage will need to be plastic as wire meshes cause leg ulcers. At the bottom of the cage you will then have to prepare a bed of hay, straw, pellets, wood chipboard, coconut fibers or paper…. There are ad hoc blends on the market.

Absolutely to avoid for the preparation of the litter are: sand for cats (it is abrasive for thepet bunnies), sawdust (dust causes irritation to the respiratory tract of theBunny) or chips and pellets that come from pine, cedar, fir and cypress wood because if the bunny were to gnaw them, it would risk serious intoxication: these trees are toxicdomestic bunny.

Other treatments

The bunny must always have a clean feeder. Just a simple bowl for food and a larger bowl for water. A hay rack will also be set up in the cage.

The water bowl, for convenience, can be replaced with a drop-shaped drinking bottle (easier to clean and manage).

Not everyone knows that idwarf rabbitsand like all domestic bunnies, they don't like extreme heat. Avoid keeping the cage near air conditioners or heaters. Ideal temperatures are between 16 and 22 ° C.

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