How to start running

How to start running

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How to start running: tips and advice to start running from scratch. An easy program to approach the world ofrunningat any age.

Goal setting is important in any area of ​​life and also inrunning. Who decides tostart runningcan focus on afinish lineto reach:

whether it is a travel time, a distance to cover, whether it is simply to improve orto lose weight, to start running you need motivation!

Fix yourself atargetto pursue, which is important enough to give you the right push but which is also accessible so as not to risk the disappointment of failure.

The ideal would be to set a series of small goals to be achieved every day or every week.

How to start running to lose weight

Not everyone is able to make long-term plans, so think carefully, especially who decides tostart running to lose weightshould focus on intermediate stages without aiming straight for a healthy weight. Set yourself some steps, for example: if you are 70 kg and you want to reach a hypothetical ideal weight of 55 kg, your initial goal must first be 68 kg, then 66 kg, then 64, 62… and so on until the goal. The goals must be achievedstep by stepwithoutpindaric flights.

Constant rewards are the right boost forstart running and slimming is the ideal motivation because it allows you to stay focused on the final goal (the ideal weight) and appreciate all the intermediate results (the progressive and gradual decrease in fat mass).

Running is the ideal activity to lose weight, it allows you to increase your muscle mass which is metabolically active. It allows you to improve your systemcardiovascularand brings countless benefits.

How to start running from scratch

  • - Make appointments with running
    in hand, check the appointments of the week and set oneroutineto be respected to introduce therunningin your life.
  • – Prepare the equipment
    Prepare the right equipment according to the season. Remember that run in winterit's not the same as to run in summer! In any case, they must never be missingrunning shoes suitable for your weight and the shape of your foot.
  • - How many times a week
    Running is demanding, if you want to "breathe" or develop the right muscles to run, three workouts a week are the minimum to maintain a certain physical shape.
  • - The duration of the trips
    If you are starting torun from scratch, do not pay attention to the duration of your outings, the important thing is to do something and make the first steps concrete. With each ride, add a minute or two of running to your route to build endurance.
  • - Introduce the run
    If you are really starting from scratch, start walking at a very fast pace and gradually extend the running stretches to cover the usual distance while running.
  • - Preliminary medical examination
    The ideas just seen are suitable for those who wantstart running after 40as well as for those approaching running for the first time at 55 or 16! In any case, those who have never played sports should consult a doctor for routine tests and make sure of their physical health.
  • - Where to go for a run
    The ideal would be in a green lung of the city, a park or an open-air area. Unfortunately this is not always possible, if you run in an urban area, make sure you are informed about the risks associated with smog. For more information:run around town.

How to step up your running speed

Once you've established a well-established routine, you can to dareand increase yoursspeed. To run faster you have to work "under strain", in anaerobiosis. At this stage, you may find it useful to use aheart rate monitor.

Forrun fasteryou can rely on this easy to do exercise:

run slowly for 30 seconds, increase your speed by running at a moderate pace for 20 seconds. Finish the exercise with a 10 second sprint in which you will have to invest all your energy.

Repeat the entire sequence then recover by running crying for 2 minutes. This workout to increase running speed must be repeated 3-4 times to be effective.

Stretching before the run

Before to rundo warm-up exercises. Remember you don't have toneverstretch a "cold" muscle. Before starting to run, activate the blood circulation well, the blood must carry oxygen and metabolites to all your cells.

The stretching it must be done before and after the race and must be done with movements that involve every part of the body, from head to toe.

to keep the interest in running alive, sign up for a marathon or sporting event within your reach!

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