Children's diet, which foods to choose

Children's diet, which foods to choose

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Children's diet: tips and tricks for a balanced and healthy diet. Which foods should be avoided and which ones should never be missing to ensure the health of the little ones during their growth.

Health is a precious asset that must be preserved from childhood, through some good practices including healthy nutrition; which means paying attention to the quality of food and the quantity of food eaten, which must be commensurate with the need for age and sex. Every responsible parent works hard to ensure that their child grows up healthy and happy! Love and affection are an essential component but not enough, you need to ensure your little one a balanced diet.

Parents therefore have a very delicate task: in addition to being an example of a healthy lifestyle for their children, they are committed to making correct and healthy food choices for them. The combination and preparation of food also play a fundamental role: frying must be limited and steam cooking is preferred.

Foods in the children's diet

Experts agree that the development of the child requires a diet as varied as possible, to avoid deficiencies, for example of vitamins or noble proteins. Do not miss bread and pasta, (preferably wholemeal), fruit and vegetables, legumes, fish and meat. Instead, the use of sugars with a high glycemic index, such as sweets, white rice, fruit juices, sugary drinks should be limited. Foods to be strictly banned are packaged snacks, pre-packaged foods, salty snacks and French fries.

Of course, it is not always easy to satisfy the tastes of the little one but you have to arm yourself with creativity to prepare dishes rich in vitamins and minerals. Let's see which foods to include in children's diets.


Oats are a very versatile food; allows us to make tasty snacks and breakfasts. It is low in sugar, high in fiber and has no artificial ingredients. It can be combined with milk or served with fruit. You can also use natural oat flakes to make a smoothie.

You can make a delicious brownie with oats, cocoa, nuts, and honey for sweetening. Just mix the ingredients and bake everything; with just a few ingredients you can make a snack rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. You may be interested in the article "The best recipes with oats"


Legumes in general, but lentils in particular, are a good alternative to meat to fill up on protein. They have a lot of fiber, therefore they regulate the intestinal flora and release sugars into the body gradually; We are therefore talking about a healthy food with a satiating effect.

Our recommendation is to accompany each legume-based dish with a squeeze of orange or lemon juice, to allow the body to absorb iron better.


Eggs cannot be missing from the children's diet; they contain choline, an important substance for the development of brain functions and a good source of zinc and protein. They are simple to prepare and extremely versatile. You can make an omelette, simple fried eggs, toast or simply cook them soft-boiled with a little salt.

Green and orange vegetables

All vegetables have beneficial properties; green and orange vegetables should be included in children's diets every day Zucchini, spinach and broccoli are foods that can be "hidden" in soups, meat dishes, croquettes, stews and even sauces.

For orange veggies, we recommend carrots and sweet potatoes, both of which are great sources of beta carotene, a key nutrient for eye and skin health. Alternatively, you can opt for fruit of the same color, such as mango, orange or melon.


Salmon has a high intake of omega 3, an essential substance for preserving the health of our body. When buying, prefer the wild one, caught in the same natural environment in which it was grown.

Grilling it, using it as an ingredient to fill sandwiches can be a viable option as a meal. We can also make salmon sticks, breaded then baked in the oven.


Providing children with the right hydration is essential. Water is a vital element for the healthy growth of children! It is therefore important to accustom children to drink often to ensure that they are always well hydrated. 50-70% of the human body is made up of water. Everything works perfectly thanks to the water present in our body.

During the hottest months of the year, make sure they drink more water. Don't underestimate the fact that fruits and vegetables have a higher water content than other foods.

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