What to do when angry

What to do when angry

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When you get angry it really is difficult to reason, evaluate what is appropriate or not to do. However, we have chosen to collect some ideas that can guide us in a moment when we are outside ourselves. There are also more general tips to try not to get angry when it's not worth it. Before finding out what to do when you are angry, it is important to state that there is nothing wrong with being angry if we have valid reasons. I specify this because often, in common speech, one insists on saying "Come on, don't get angry", but when it takes it takes and holding back anger only hurts. Also in this case, as in many others, a certain balance is necessary, also to be credible. If we get angry too often, we will pass by being considered too irritable and few will listen to our reasons.

What to do when angry

Anger is one generous source of energy, an almost uncontrollable wave that starts from inside, from the belly, and passes through each of our cells. It is useless to hold back or oppose it, it would only harm us. It is better to channel anger in the right way, to avoid it becoming violence, negative energy against ourselves or against those who live with us.

So let's look for a positive way to dispose of anger, at least a harmless way. I try to give examples to better understand what I mean. Sometimes when you are angry you want to scream, better not do it against anyone and shut yourself up somewhere, either go to a deserted meadow, to let off steam. Sometimes we want to destroy something, we can blame an old magazine instead of other more useful and precious objects.

We punch a pillow or mattress, or we dedicate ourselves to one sport activity, this is the best way to get tired and reduce the level of anger, whether it is running or swimming, playing squash or just walking, preferably in a free and green space.

There is also one who prefers to cry and can do it with maximum freedom because holding back the crying hurts, then as the tears stop falling, we breathe deeply and we can resume our day with a much less heavy heart.

Another method of letting anger pass without swallowing it is to devote yourself to music, listening to it or playing it. We choose our favorite and listen to it with headphones, immersing ourselves in the notes, There is no more or less suitable type of music, in a universal sense, there are those who calm down with calm music and instead those who prefer very "bad" rhythms to let off steam and feel liberated.

What happens when you are angry

When we get angry and don't leave space for our anger, not even in a healthy and civilized way, it remains inside us and can "devour" us, that is, cause problems, including physical ones. Let's look at some possible effects of withheld anger. We can get gastritis, with heartburn, as if unexpressed anger could corrode us from the inside, or

gastroesophageal reflux, because we are unable to make us go down a possible wrong right away. For some people, anger takes over and causes headaches, with a hammer effect in the head, or the muscles, causing painful tension. There are also more rare cases in which if we are angry our hands itch, due to itching and eczema.

What not to do when angry

When you don't know what to do when you are angry, certainly the gestures not to be made are well known. Let's see some of them even if the list is long. We do not harm anyone, be it a friend, colleague or partner, but also a stranger. Physical or verbal violence is absolutely to be avoided, rather let's blame it with a piece of wood, a pillow, a ball.

Dangerous, especially for ourselves, to fish out some uncomfortable memories. This could only make things worse, it is necessary to try to stay focused on the present and if anything on the near future, but not too far away, without ever looking back.

If we are already altered, we try to avoid reacting to provocations because we would do it in a perhaps too heated way. Better to wait a bit, do one of the things we recommended earlier, and then resume the discussion at another time, as long as it is still worth it because many times when the wave of anger passes, it is no longer possible to understand for what reason we are so altered and understand that perhaps it is better to look ahead.

What to eat when angry

First of all, we do not vent our food with food anger because it is not by bingeing that we solve things. Indeed, our self-esteem would be affected and everything would get worse. My recommendations are two, either fruit or chocolate. Fruit because it fills us but doesn't hurt us, it gives us some sugar and hydrates us, if we cried. Chocolate, on the other hand, is able to restore our good mood and make us reconcile with the world. Let's not exaggerate with the quantities, a couple of squares are enough, even every day, and we will lose the habit of getting angry at nothing.

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