Famous cats on the web: who they are and what they do

Famous cats on the web: who they are and what they do

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THE famous cats on the web therefore, they are very popular on social networks, especially those more linked to images Facebook and Instagram, but they do not even disdain Twitter where they come to "bomb" those who want to convey hate and spread it. Some of these social superstar cats they have numbers of followers to make many influencers pale. Do you know them? If you don't know their names yet, here they are. Perhaps some of them will be unpleasant to you, others irresistible, but surely you will have to admit their success and their ability to sell their image well, as a cat.

Among the famous cats on the web there are also some with obvious deformities that have made them recognizable and unforgettable. It is a bit of the "freak phenomenon" effect that can be unpleasant but unfortunately even animals, like humans, are now subject to the laws of visibility, phenomenalism, the "stranger they are, the more successful I am". For now, these logics still apply on social networks and therefore depopulate Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub. But there are also cases in which physical or behavioral characteristics make them funny, like Sam, with his worried look, and Hamilton, with his hipster mustache. Once they have become real characters, their masters may also come up with the idea of ​​monetizing their success by creating dedicated gadgets: t-shirts, pins, stickers and so on. Kittens in general already like them a lot on the web, let alone if they are also established stars.

Famous cats on the web: Grumpy Cat

It is impossible not to dedicate an entire paragraph of this article to a vip cat who recently left us and who became famous years ago because of her sulky expression. Indeed "Grumpy Cat" it means "sulky cat" and it is not the real name of the cat but only a nickname born later, to underline its funny characteristic. The owners called this cat, in unsuspecting times, Tardar Sauce- American, suffering from a rare feline dwarfism, began to have success in 2012, collecting millions of likes with a photo of her with a snout. With increasing success, it was also necessary to have a manager dedicated to the animal who soon became highly sought after to be the protagonist of photo sessions, magazine and newspaper covers, TV and print commercials.

For some time now, Tardar Sauce, Grumpy Cat, he left us, he remembers him well but he has already found a replacement to follow who remembers him a lot. It is a male cat, named Louis, 6-year-old Persian, also resident in the United States, in Austin, Texas. His numbers are not comparable to those of his predecessor, of course, at least for now, but it must be admitted that his popularity has undergone a sharp surge in recent months, just since he was elected heir of the Grumpy cat. The two cats have only the expression in common, otherwise they are very different, but it is probably enough to associate them and Louis enjoys enviable popularity.

Famous cats on the web: Simon's Cat

You will surely have seen around this cat that you will not be able to pet in person but to which you will surely become attached, as soon as you see one of his cartoons or one of his small videos. It is an extremely nice cat, created by the British Simon Tofield who took his cue from his house cat and turned him into a hilarious character. He was able to grasp the comic side of our feline friends, without treading his hand and becoming cruel. The animated series of Simon's cat has been running on the web since 2008 with great success, you can find it very easily on youtube and sometimes on Instagram. If you are passionate about gadgets, by Simon's cat you will find many, including mugs, t-shirts, stickers, pencils, stuffed animals, ...

Famous cats on the web: Pusheen

It always comes to us from the world of illutration Pusheen, created in 2010 by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff. She is the protagonist of a comic strip, initially, which decorates their website, but today inspired by her we find various products with her image, from books, to emoticons, to puppets, to items such as pillows, mugs and handbags. We must imagine her as a domestic cat, brindle and gray, a tabby cat. Is called Pusheen because of the Irish term puisin, which simply means "kitten".

Famous cats on the web: Fotticchio

In Italy, we also have this named cat Fotticchio which at the moment is relatively popular outside the border. Fotticchio, from the name you can guess, is a very indifferent cat, the protagonist of irreverent videos that amuse many. Along with him, there are other cats including his sister, a prostitute by profession. We are faced with a character certainly irreverent and bordering on vulgarity, but he really likes it and it is right to mention him among the most famous cats on the web.

Famous cats on the web: the twins

We end with a couple of famous felines, Cola & Marmelade, two kittens who are very successful on YouTuce thanks to their many funny videos. They have over 700,000 channel subscribers. The nice thing is that these are not classic vip cats but animals that have stories of despair behind them: Cola was adopted in 2012, she was a foundling, while Marmelade is an FIV + kitten, born on 1 July 2014 and also affected by cancer, which he managed to fight and win.

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