West Highland White Terrier: origins, character, appearance, breeding and price

West Highland White Terrier: origins, character, appearance, breeding and price

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West Highland White Terrier, for Westie friends, he comes from Scotland and is a very exuberant and small breed dog. We all know him by sight, perhaps without our knowledge, if we have seen the TV from time to time, between the commercials of an important whiskey brand and that of an even more famous dog food company. But what do we really know about this animal?

West Highland white terrier: origins

Like most terriers of Scottish origin, ours too West Highland white terrier derived from Cairn Terrier but he is white. Just white, strictly speaking, as an albino. In fact, it was Colonel Malcolm who selected it like this and today the defined and pure color is part of his standard.

The soldier personally chose the color, most likely wanted it to increase the visibility of the animal, obviously thinking about hunting trips, in order to avoid, for example, unpleasant incidents that could have bad consequences on it. West Highland white terrier.

The first name, in truth, was "Terrier of Roseneath", then it passed to "Terrier of Poltalloch" and finally to the current one, sympathetically abbreviated to Westie. At the end of the 19th century there was the official debut in an exhibition, that of Cruft, where it literally depopulated and immediately became a "dog trend" throughout Great Britain. Previously popular for hunting trips, now it is just as, if not more, but for evenings on the sofa. At home, like small apartment dog, pet.

West Highland white terrier: character

In addition to being very lively, even if it is small, a combination of contrasts that we often find, the West Highland white terrier it's an animal very brave, so much so that he tends to engage or get involved in absurd fights with animals larger and more powerful than himself. In a somewhat unconscious way, he is so fearless.

In general, he does not have easy relationships with other dogs, especially if always Terriers, but not even with cats and hedgehogs and other pets, better to be alone at home. The house dog. Sure, if you choose it, the West Highland white terrier he gives great satisfaction so much he is affectionate and cheerful, sociable and friendly. Friends of all, even too much, because with strangers he is very available and open: let's not consider him as watchdog, from alarm yes because it barks and how.

Despite being very attached to his owner and family, the West Highland white terrier he does not like to be held in his arms, he wants to be free and on the ground, but he does not make hysterical scenes, he is considered a balanced race. With children, therefore, he is a playful and safe babysitter, a little "fiery" but harmless, while for adults, he turns into a resistant and intelligent walk dog.

West Highland white terrier: appearance

At the withers it measures less than 30 cm, the West Highland white terrier, and for this reason it is considered a small dog, with a weight ranging from 6 to 8 kg, depending on whether it is a male or a female. The appearance of the two is the same: rounded skull, strong jaws, very dark and medium-large eyes, small, erect and "pointed" ears.

The body is muscular and compact, the legs are not very long, the tail about 12 - 14 cm, hairy and extremely straight. You will never see it carried curved over the back. The mantle of the West Highland white terrier, besides being white, it is bristly and with a hair of about 5 cm, smooth. The undercoat, also pure white, is short, soft and dense.

West Highland white terrier: breeding

When deciding to breed a West Highland white terrier it is necessary to keep an eye on its nutrition. As with other dogs, the portions vary according to age: the first 2 months of life apply the rule of 3 times a day, then they become two. What to which, especially for the West Highland white terrier, you have to be careful are the excesses of proteins.

In fact, the dog is predisposed to skin diseases such as eczema, liver problems and irritation, from birth, often, then the proteins can aggravate the situation and make him suffer more. In old age, this breed tends to have problems with osteoarthritis of the hind legs and gastritis. Returning to the breeding of West Highland white terrier and at "baby food", when he is elderly he must eat little, but it is important that even at an advanced age he always has water, fresh and clean water available.

West Highland white terrier: puppy

The puppy of West Highland white terrier it is more lively than ever, seeing how much adults already are, I dare not imagine. He interacts with everyone and is unconscious, he can be too reckless in dealing with dogs older and more experienced than him, perhaps like a bully in the garden. Better to be careful when taking him for a walk. For the rest, the puppy does not have great needs if not a lot of food.

The female of West Highland white terrier she has a gestation period of about 63 days, in the second month she begins to feel tired, to appear more lazy. When a puppy is waiting, ours West Highland white terrier, if anything happens, he has to eat more. An increase of 15% towards the 40th day of gestation to reach an increase of 30% when the pregnancy is close.

West Highland white terrier: price

At one time they were very popular for hunting foxes and rabbits, and any animal made use of burrows and tunnels of its size, but today it slips into our homes and becomes a small sociable owner. He loves being outdoors very much, he is a dog that costs about 500 euros when he was young, when he was a puppy, and he turns out to be very talented for disciplines such asagility dog and theobedience. Even as a babysitter, even if it is not a sport: it is a patient and safe, polite and open, welcoming dog. From hearth.

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