Rider lawnmower, which one to choose

Rider lawnmower, which one to choose

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THE Rider they are machines lawn mower self-propelled four-wheelers, with driver on board and with engine positioned at the rear of the driver's seat. THE Rider lawn mower, just like tractors, they have a driver's seat but differ from more traditional garden tractors lawn mower for the position of the engine that on rider it is placed at the rear of the guide while it is placed at the front on the tractors.

The absence of the engine and its body on the front clearly improves visibility on the work area; this particularity makes the Rider lawn mower more suitable for those gardens full of flower beds and other obstacles such as plants, curbs, fences or children's games. Other advantages concern the lower level of noise produced and emissions from the engine.

Advantages Rider lawnmower

  • Quieter
    Even if the quietest device ever to cut grass is the electric brush cutter or the same Battery Rider Lawnmower.
  • Less harmful emissions
    Also in this case, the least polluting machines are electric brushcutters and lawnmowers or the same Battery Rider Lawnmower.
  • More visibility
    Thanks to the rear position of the engine, compared to a ride on mower, a lawn mower rider offers greater visibility of the work area.
  • Plate mounted on the front
    There are two types of lawn mower rider which are distinguished according to the position of the plate Lawn mower. UnityLawn mower of the rider can be in front, in front of the axis of the front wheels or ventrally, placed between the two axles. The front mounted platter allows for more control of the shavingallowing the user to cut the grass even in difficult places such as under the branches of plants or under tables and benches.

Rider petrol lawn mower
A good Rider lawn mower for domestic use it will be equipped with a motor with vertical rotation axis and air cooling and with variable power ranging from a minimum of 4 up to 11 kW.

Then they exist lawn mower rider “Falciatutto”, capable of cut tall grass or fallow fields. These lawn mower they are more powerful and have two-cylinder engines with a power of about 15-17 kW.

Who is on the hunt for professional rider mowers will have to choose a horizontal axis motor, more suitable even for work on slopes as it has better lubrication.

Electric Rider Lawn Mowers, to battery
On the market they appeared rider with battery powered electric motor. In these models, the working autonomy varies greatly according to the required performance and can reach 90 minutes. The thicker the grass, the less the battery will last as the machine will require more effort and the battery will eventually run out of recharge. The advantage is linked to the less maintenance required by the electric mower riders because they have no filters, candles or lubricants to check or replace periodically. For the limits imposed by the battery, a battery-powered lawn mower it is recommended for residential use only and to mow the lawn on Sunday mornings without waking up the neighbors!

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