Eole, the wind clock

Eole, the wind clock

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A saying goes "he who hesitates is lost", But what if the wind stopped? Certainly the wind turbines would stop turning, the rustling of the leaves on the trees would stop and the clock would stop working! The relevance seems non-existent but in the case of the Eole wristwatch, the allusion is a must.

Eole, designed by Julien Moise, is a watch with a minimal style that is powered by the energy produced by the wind. No batteries are needed: the mechanism works by moving the engine of the clock with the wind. Just blow on the dial to start the mechanism that powers it and to see the exact time.

With the help ofwind energy, released from our lungs, the necessary electricity is triggered which allows you to view the time for a short period. By blowing on the watch, the red propeller that surrounds it will start to rotate and, as soon as the engine senses the wind, various data will appear on the digital display. Too bad for now Eole it's just a concept. For such a watch, it would have been better if a woman had designed it! Black strap, red thrusters, white body and light blue signals.

Not only the exact time but also the date, the weather and the timer function with the alarm. Eole is fantastic but it is not the only example of an ecological watch. The Bedol Watch Water, a watch that works exclusively with water and lemon, not to mention the numerous solar-powered watches.

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