The eco-sustainable Bare are coming

The eco-sustainable Bare are coming

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It may seem a bit macabre but ... even the transition to a better life can be green! In Denmark, the commitment eco friendly broaden your horizons with a range innovative ofeco-coffins destined to contain the remains of our loved ones. For those who follow a lifestyle completelyecological and, he wants to do it "until the end“, Arrived on the Danish market DanCof, a real ecological coffin at 100% sustainable launched by the Bendt Stof company.

This argument might be unusual and grotesque, however coffins they have a strong environmental impact, oneeco-sustainable coffin could greatly reduce pollution as it is totally biodegradable as, after all, our body is.

For the realization of the eco coffins were used only biodegradable materials, such as long-fiber recycled paper. The sustainability of these particular products is given by the fact that only biodegradable materials such asrecycled paper long fiber. The innovative coffin created by Bendt Stov will thus be able to transfer environmental awareness and good green habits to the afterlife.

Green funerals are not just a prerogative of the Bendt Stof company, other companies such as Eco Pods and Soul Ash Solace also provide both cardboard caskets and more natural burial options.

How has Italy moved in this field? A young Italian designer has created aeco-sustainable urn from the name GAIA.

What does it consist of?
It is a peat cylinder that contains the seeds of a chosen plant. When it is buried together with the ashes of the deceased, the urn decomposes, the ashes act as natural fertilizer and the plant begins to come to life.

The idea may be macabre but the purpose is to send a message that is as beautiful as it is disturbing: "life after death, with the plant that is born and grows". The message is clear, even for the last trip the choice can be sustainable.

They also thought about it in Oregon by preparing a pedal hearse: in the town of Eugene, the Sunset Hill Cemetery offers this type of service original as well as sustainable. For times of crisis? There is Restbox, a coffin made of recycled and above all, economical cardboard.

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