Recycle paper with your Toshiba device

Recycle paper with your Toshiba device

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We usually expect to insert a blank sheet into a printer and then collect it with our documents. The machine launched by Toshiba it does exactly the opposite: pulls sheets that have already been printed to give the user back white paper, as good as new. Let's see what it is.

There printed paper it is a complete means through which each user can express his ideas, his projects and his enterprises. However, the spread of printed paper endangers forests and the production of white paper produces a lot of pollution. About this Toshiba Tec has launched an attempt to minimize the negative impact that printed paper has on the environment. The idea is to give the user the opportunity to recycle paper in a simple way so as to use the already printed sheet, over and over again.

How does it work? The technology used by Toshiba it is very fascinating and involves the total cancellation of the text printed on the paper, transforming an already used sheet into new paper, ready for its second life cycle! It is a way of recycle paper completely revolutionary.

The technology developed by Toshiba can be integrated into any copier or printer, the only compromise is to use an erasable toner so that you can recycle paper. The device, in fact, uses a particular cartridge that can be removed using the device. The result? The ink already present on the sheet will be erased and the paper will come out of the device as new. When the printed paper passes through the device, the ink disappears completely and what the user will get will be of the recycled paper.

According to the Toshiba team scientists, their technology uses the same mechanism used by classic erasable ballpoint pens. A system of paper recycling so innovative it could revolutionize the world of printed paper. The Toshiba device has yet to be tested but the launch is imminent: it should debut on the market starting next winter.

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