Electronic meter, cost and operation

Electronic meter, cost and operation

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Electronic meter, cost and operation. From professional and accurate templates, to alternatives for iPhone or Android OS.

Theelectronic meterit is a very simple tool to use. It is able to detect distances ensuring accurate and reliable results. There are different types of on the marketelectronic meters that use different operating mechanisms but the calculation principle is always the same.

When the user activates theelectronic meter, the instrument generates a wave that can be, based on the type ofmeterused, light or sound. This wave hits the target by sending a return signal that hits the instrument. Based on the time it takes the wave to return, the instrument will calculate the distance traveled.

Electronic laser or ultrasound meter

According to the type of wave, light or sound, we see on the marketlaser metersisultrasonic meters.

The electronic laser meter uses a low frequency electromagnetic wave in the visible light range.

The electronic ultrasound meter uses an acoustic wave that has frequencies higher than the maximum perceptible by the human ear.

Which technology to choose?
Theelectronic laser meterit is certainly more suitable if you have to measure very large distances. The sound waves (ultrasounds) are attenuated very quickly so they would not be able to measure distances greater than the order of ten meters. For distances in kilometers it is necessary to aim forlaser meters. In addition, ielectronic ultrasonic metersthey can be even more inaccurate because the air velocity can vary according to the temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity. Another limit of the ultrasonic meters is the opening angle of the instrument which is wider than that of thelaser meter, so it will be more difficult to frame the target.

In the building sector, theelectronic meterit is not used to measure only linear distances, they are used for the calculation of the areas and cubes of buildings.

Electronic meter, cost

The price of the electronic laser meter varies from tool to tool, starting from devices of a few tens of euros to more complex models that can be bought at a price of 200 - 250 euros.

Electronic ultrasonic meters can be bought at lower prices, with a budget of 40 euros you can buy an excellent electronic ultrasonic meter.

We recommend the purchase of aelectronic laser meter.The cost, in this case, more than for the detection accuracy, depends on the distances that the instrument is able to measure. If you want to measure distances of several kilometers, you will have to be prepared to invest more than 100 euros. If your need is between 40 and 100 meters, you can choose from a large number of very affordable models.

Among the various models on the market we point out theExcelevan rangefinderwith laser technology capable of measuring up to 100 meters away with extreme precision. The device in question can be bought on Amazon at a price of 73.99 euros with free shipping costs.

Electronic meter for iPhone and Android OS

Those who do not want a professional tool and need rough measurements, can use smartphone applications.

By taking advantage of the camera lenses of smartphones, some applications are capable ofto mapthe surrounding area and take advantage of computers to return probable distances.

Theelectronic meter for iPhone OSas well as the one for Android OS, it does not have guaranteed accuracy but can be a useful tool for returning approximate distances.

Among the various applications on the iTunes Store, we point out the EasyMeasure by Caramba App Development, a free application, and the paid application Laser Meter AR which can be purchased on the iTunes Store for 0.99 euros.

On Google Play it is possible to download applications with similar functions such as the Distance meter by Smart Tools co and the Rangefinder by the same developers.

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