More and more e-commerce and online shopping

More and more e-commerce and online shopping

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But it is true that the way we do it is changing expense? A Dell research confirms yes and that today 85% of those who surf the Internet also do online shopping, at least every now and then. However, it is wrong to think that the two go hand in hand, so much is the spread of the Internet and so much so is the increase in online shoppers, because the change in habits brought about by 'digital natives' and the growing spread of smartphones and tablets act as an accelerator for thee-commerce. Dell's forecast is that global revenues of the e-commerce they will reach one billion dollars at the end of 2013, after that threshold the race will no longer have brakes.

On the Internet you can find everything, including fresh fruit and vegetables, typical regional products and unobtainable ideas that are not always useful. But the favorite articles of the online shopping for now it's books, movies, music, accessories and clothing. They follow in the ranking ofe-commerce computers and video games, which precede televisions and toys. Still not very widespread worldwide is the online purchase of household goods, clothing and sports equipment, in short, those products where the sensory experience and 'touch with the hand' are an important component of the purchase. Little widespread, but with enormous potential, thee-commerce of food.

An interesting passage from Dell's research is where we read that 37% of Internet users said they had given up ononline purchase of a particular product after reading three or more negative reviews. In fact, it turns out that, among the factors that most influence online purchase decisions, product reviews were the main element (62%) on which users rely before venturing intoe-commerce.

Two other factors that influence the online shopping of Internet users appear to be the comparative analysis of the sites of e-commerce competitors and the comparison between the prices on the sites themselves (two factors indicated together as important by 49% of the research sample). The use of opinions and recommendations via social networks is much more distant, almost minimal, which would seem to downsize (according to this research) the role of social media in the product purchase phase.

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