Fragrant spring flowers

Fragrant spring flowers

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Spring is the season of flowers but not all of them smell and bloom in the same way. Beyond those who do it out of season, even in the same month we can see some wonderful flowers appear and others less so, flowers that smell in an extraordinary way and others that you don't even feel.

Let's go then to discover i fragrant spring flowers that we can host on our balconies or in our gardens, if we wish, without fear even if it is the first time that we approach gardening. As we will see, there are many that can be grown even if you don't have a green thumb exceptional, just try to keep your commitments, just remember to wet them and love them.

This "sacrifice" will give us great satisfaction, especially if we have chosen to cultivate gods fragrant and colorful spring flowers.

Fragrant spring flowers: primroses

Among the first flowers that arrive to announce the summer there are primroses with their bright colors and their simplicity. They are flowers that can be given as a gift to make a kind gesture, they are flowers that can be placed where we want and that do not invade and do not dirty. I am moreover very easy to care for and the results are assured. We are only careful not to place them where they can catch a cold, also be careful not to place them near heat sources or where the sun shines too direct. Then it is important to fertilize them well so that they give us a beautiful flowering.

Fragrant spring flowers: azaleas

The azaleas they begin to bloom in March and continue until October, then in late autumn, continuing to give us colors with generosity. Pink in all its shades, and then also red, white, magenta. These flowers have very particular, dark green leaves, which make the color of the flower stand out even more. They are perfect plants for the garden and it is there that they manage to give their best but we can also plant them on the balcony trying to ensure them space, air and water at will. They are quite hardy, fear neither cold nor heat, and also fit into pots if they are large enough.

Fragrant spring flowers: tulips

Even just drawn, i tulips they remember spring, let alone if we find an expanse in front of us or at least twenty with their bright and variegated colors. It is a wave of good humor, what they bring, and they also prove to be particularly resistant. Their vegetative cycle lasts less than a season but the bulbs can last for generations. Maybe that's also why they are flowers so widespread. There are various spontaneous species of tulips, and there are many, at least 150, but many others have been created and allow us to range even more between colors, scents and shapes. The bluebells are commercially flowering and are very decorative; the corollas can bloom until June if they are in cool shade.

Fragrant spring flowers: jasmine

There are flowers that are more fragrant than ever and one of them is the jasmine. We all know it, with its scent so intense that it can even bother some people. It is indisputable, however, that this flower is one of the most loved and symbolic of the season. It is very easy to grow, both in the garden and on the balcony, and as soon as spring comes it gives its best, it blooms and floods the garden with its own scent which very often also reaches the street.

Fragrant spring flowers

Another example of an interesting spring flower is the lily, flower of enormous symbolic importance so much so that we find it almost everywhere, in many symbols and flags, coats of arms and logos. It was the symbol of the French monarchy and today it is widely used for floral compositions, it has a very intense perfume and it symbolizes love, purity and chastity.

Although many know it for herbal teas or creams, the calendula it has a very beautiful and showy flower, even edible. Among the spring flowers are the lilies of the valley, also called lilies of the valleys. They are herbaceous perennial plants that we find spontaneous in fresh and wooded places, mountains or hills, but we can also grow them in the garden or to obtain essence to use in perfumery.

Aren't these flowers enough for you? Let's go ahead and quote geraniums, balcony classics but not only. Simple to make bloom, they don't smell very much but keep mosquitoes away. Unexpectedly among the spring flowers we also find those of almond tree, white and pink flowers that bloom in early spring. Then there are also the gerberas, large colored daisies, freesias, trumpet and very fragrant, and the classic daisy which is not fragrant but if it does not bloom it is not really spring.

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