Flower garden all year round

Flower garden all year round

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Flower garden all year round: the list of perennials to grow in order to have flowers in the garden all year round.

For readers,the list of twenty-four herbaceous plants to be cultivated in order to have aflower garden all year round. These are perennial species that are able to color flower beds even in the coldest and bareest periods of the year.

Among the herbaceous perennials from flower there are some that can bring abundant flowering for several months. They are ideal for small gardens: since they are herbaceous species they are not bulky. They lend themselves well to flower beds, borders and can be easily grown in balcony, arranged in large flower boxes.

To have a garden in bloom all year round, flower bulbs are excellent allies, which deserve a dedicated paragraph.

Flower bulbs (pictured above)

The flower beds can be enriched with pretty flower bulbs. To have a flower garden with bulbs, you need to organize yourself in a timely manner with the plants and the "resting" of the bulbs that "have already given" ... In the article dedicated to "flower beds of bulbous plants“, I'll explain how to manage flower bulbs with underground boxes. In practical terms, you just need to lift the drawer with the autumn bulbs to plant the summer ones, in the summer you will have to raise the drawer containing the summer flowering bulbs to introduce those that bloom in autumn and winter.

  • Spring flowering bulbous
  • Summer flowering bulbous
  • Bulbous in autumn flowering
  • Winter flowering bulbous

Flower garden all year round

Herbaceous perennials do not need much care and can give generous blooms. Unlike the most common flowering plants, perennial herbaceous plants do not require periodic fertilization or even irrigation: it will be enough to wet the soil only in periods of prolonged drought. Only after planting will they have to follow periodic irrigations.

In winter: flowers from December to March

To have aflower garden all year round, let's start with winter, the most critical season. In addition to the bulbs to be planted in summer to see them bloom in winter, various herbaceous perennial flowering plants can be adopted.

Among the varieties to be grown in shady places in the garden we point out the Double Ellen Pink and the Double Ellen White Spotted.

Pay attention to the place of planting: in the middle of winter they tolerate direct sun, but in summer and spring not because the sun damages the beautiful foliage! You can grow it at the foot of a plant with deciduous leaves that only grows between spring and summer, like the beautiful calicanthus.

These varieties produce flowers from December to late March. These are perennials, so all you need to do is clean the bushes of weeds or practice a good mulch to prevent weed growth. Over the years, these plants will form beautiful tufts expanding up to 120 cm, from a height of 40 - 60 cm.

In spring: flowers from March to June

Evergreen fragrant-leaved geraniums begin to bloom as early as early March. We remember Geranium cantabrigiense Karmina and Geranium macrororrhizum Spessart. They can be grown without difficulty even in the extreme north of Italy: they are resistant to intense cold. Over time, the plants planted will create a dense turf that will turn white and fuchsia from March until the arrival of summer (June).

In summer and autumn: from June to November

With May another geranium blooms, theGeranium Rozanne.It is a deciduous species, that is, it drops its leaves in winter and then makes them reappear in March. This geranium begins to bloom in May and its blooms push into late autumn. It can be planted in full sun or in a shady position.

Other flowering perennial herbaceous plants that offer a long flowering are theHeliopsis helianthoidesLoraine Sushine and Helioptesis helianthoides Bressingham Doubloon: they bear flowers from March until late autumn (October-November).

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