How to dry figs

How to dry figs

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How to dry figs: instructions for drying and tips for storing thehomemade dried figs. Natural drying, in the oven or dryer.

Who has aFIGand cannot consume the entire seasonal crop, it can prepare delicioushomemade dried figs.

THEfigsthey are harvested from the beginning of summer (for the early varieties) until the beginning of autumn, when the days get shorter but are still sunny.

Throughout the harvest period it is possibledry the figsnatural only if the air is not too humid. If it is a question of late varieties, in fact, ifigsthey godriedin the oven or in special dryers because the humidity of the air is such that it does not allow natural drying. In the article we will seehow to dry figsby natural method, oven or dryer.

To allocate them todrying, ifigsthey must be harvested at the right point of ripeness: they must not be too soft, but not even a little sustained.

For thedrying, usedfigswell ripe and dry to be divided preferably in half. It is not recommended to dry whole figs.

How to dry figs without a natural dryer

Dry the figs with the traditional method it requires patience and care. THEfigsfromdrythey must be opened halfway keeping the two parts still joined by the petiole.

In the peasant tradition, idried figsthey are prepared by spreading them on a wicker trellis with the opening upwards, so that they do not touch each other and covered with a tulle that can protect them from flies and insects.

Thus arranged, ifigsthey must be exposed to the sun every day and collected in dry conditions when the sun sets. Place the trellis in a sunny area away from humidity.

Every morning, place the trellis in the sun and remove it before sunset by placing it in a dry place. After a week ifigsthey must be turned over, and turned over again after a further week ... we proceed like this until we are sure that they are well dried.

THEfigsare counted among the fruits that best lend themselves todrying in the sun. Together with figs it is also possible to dry apricots, pears and plums.

How to dry figs in the oven

Dry the figsin the oven it is faster but not simpler.

Spread the figs open in half on a baking sheet already lined with baking paper. THEfigsthey break updryin the oven at the lowest temperature you can. The latest generation ovens have the possibility of setting the temperature at 30 ° but if you do not have this option, set the temperature at 50 or 60 °.

You do dry the figs in the oven with the door semi-open to allow moisture to escape. L'drying in the oven it lasts about 3 hours but you will have to watch over your fruits! The slightest distraction can burn your beautiful crop.

How to dry figs with the dryer

The dryers run on electricity and require several hours of operation for dry a quantity (depends on the capacity of the model) of fruit.

The dryers of the latest generation offer a reduction in energy consumption of up to 40 percent, constant temperature control and management and a drying faster and of higher quality than that obtained from the use of an oven but as stated, you must be careful to choose a good model.

On Amazon electric dryers can be found with prices starting from 30 euros. If you have to buy the dryer only to make dried figs and use it only once a year, it is not worth it ... On the contrary, if during the year it is your intention to prepare dried mushrooms, dried vegetables and other dried fruit, evaluate the 'purchase. Meanwhile, for completeness, I point out the various offers on Amazon:dryers on Amazon. It is a good idea, before purchasing, to read the reviews of other users so as to understand what are the weaknesses of the product in question.

Remember that unfortunately there is no perfect product so be ready to compromise… For example, if you want to dry whole figs, you need a dryer and the times could be 18 hours. Plus, inexpensive dryers often have lower shelves than the size of a whole fig and therefore forces you to cut it in half.

How to store homemade dried figs

Warning! At the end of the procedure ifigsthey don't have to be alonedrybut well dried. With drying, the water must be eliminated, preventing the decomposition process of the fruit.

Water is not the only enemy of long-term conservation.

TOdryingoccurred, keep ifigsin airtight glass jars, in specially prepared metal boxes or even better, in vacuum packs. Vacuum storage of homemade dried fruit is ideal for preserving the freshness and quality of the fruit in question. In case ofdried figsOnce vacuum-sealed, they can be kept for up to about 12 months!

Vacuum packing machines are easy to find on the market and also very cheap, on Amazon they can also be bought with 20 euros. Those who do not want a too cheap product can aim for more expensive but also more performing products.

Among the models with the best value for money, I can point out the machineLaica VT3112 tested by myself for the preservation of dried or fresh food. This device is able to suck in 9 liters of air per minute with a suction power of 750 mbar (a very high vacuum value compared to models in the same price range). The Laica just mentioned I bought it some time ago from Euronics at a price of about 80 euros but writing this article I discovered that on Amazon it is priced at 64.98 euros ... For all the info, I refer you to the product data sheet ::Laica VT3112, product sheet on Amazon. Before purchasing, do your evaluations!

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