A specimen of Bonelli's eagle, an endangered species, was killed

A specimen of Bonelli's eagle, an endangered species, was killed

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It happened in southern Sardinia, to be exact in the Giba countryside, just a few days ago. A specimen of the Bonelli's eagle. A huge loss for the native fauna. This species, in fact, still present in Sicily, in Sardinian territory was extinct in the 1980s and was reintroduced only last year with the release of five specimens, linked to a specific repopulation program.

The news aroused deep anger among environmentalists and among the associations fighting for it wildlife protection. In the foreground, the disdain of LIPU which has once again turned the spotlight on the sad and incessant phenomenon of poaching.

The position taken by the The Italian Bird Protection League was clear about this: a decisive signal from the government is needed, not only through the rapid and full activation of the National Anti-Poaching Plan, which according to the association is struggling to take off, but also through a strong and symbolic gesture. "Such as the indefinite closure of hunting throughout Sardinia”, The LIPU pointed out.

Poaching in Italy

The thought of the Italian Bird Protection League is more than justified if one thinks of the gloomy picture that distinguishes poaching in our peninsula. Not a week goes by in which the newspapers do not report the news of complaints or large seizures of fauna, which concern especially birds but not only.

Poaching is spread evenly throughout the national territory. However, there are some hot spots, mainly due to the lack of controls. What is more, each area has developed a distinct type of poaching and targeting different species. Some examples?

As specified by LIPU, among the hottest areas there are the valleys of Brescia and Bergamo, where illegal hunting mainly affects protected passerines such as tits, robins, nightingales and various other species. Here the small specimens are captured with bows, real instruments of torture that break the legs of the birds while keeping them intact, so that they can be used in a typical local dish: Polenta and Osei.

Poaching peaks are also found on the islands. The Strait of Messina it is the place of choice for poachers, being the point of passage for a multitude of migratory birds such as storks and hawks. In Sardinian territory, precisely in the province of Cagliari, every year between 300,000 and 600,000 robins, thrushes and blackbirds are illegally hunted with nets and traps. The poor specimens are brutally killed to go to enrich the coffers of the local restaurants that use them to prepare the so-called "grive", the bird skewers.

There is no peace for the wolf

Victim par excellence of Italian poaching is also the wolf. As reported by the WWF, a real climate of hatred has ignited against this extraordinary mammal, which leads to an uninterrupted series of episodes of poaching. It is estimated that every year in our country about 300 wolves die from humans. Of these, at least one in two is prey to poachers, increasingly ruthless and bloodthirsty.

This slow war is likely to lead to complete extinction of the wolf in our territory. If this hypothesis were to occur, we would see not only a serious loss of biodiversity but also a very heavy impact on natural balances already heavily compromised. It is clear that immediate action must be taken to definitively stop poaching.

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