Washing symbols on clothes: what they mean

Washing symbols on clothes: what they mean

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They look like gods hieroglyphs, at first glance, but they are not that easy to decrypt once you have a good guide in hand. There are washing symbols trivial to interpret, others less immediate to translate me let's not lose hope, let's put our heads for a moment and try to learn to read them once and for all.

Washing symbols on clothes

Unless you have the opportunity to take your clothes to the dry cleaners or have others wash and iron your clothes, sooner or later you need to understand what the washing symbols that we find on the labels of our clothes. Whether it is fine garments or not, it is always good to consult this mini washing guide to make sure that the clothes last, in the face ofplanned obsolescence. Not damaging clothes seems to me a great resolution, both for the environment and for our wallet. For those who are doing laundry for the first time, I realize that it is not trivial to understand what to do with the washing symbols in front.

Washing machine washing symbols

If we are not super experts I do not recommend cut the labels although I understand that sometimes they are some kind of waving sheets. They are useful, let's face it, especially if we are beginners and if we use the washing machine. Going randomly, if we don't get the right program right, we can face nasty surprises.

Washing symbols: labels

Labels in general can provide us with information either on head care, both on the methods and on the washing phases. Let's start with the basic icons:

  • there tray indicates washing in water
  • The circle professional dry cleaning
  • the triangle everything that has to do with bleaching
  • the square with a circle the drying phase with a rotary drum dryer
  • the iron, trivially, ironing.

Below you will find a "summary" image with the main symbols accompanied as often happens by a word in English:

Washing symbols with bowl

When we see in washing symbols a basin we are reading some information about washing with water by hand or in the washing machine, it depends on the graphics shown, and they specify the washing methods, the temperature and the type of washing in the washing machine which can be normal, but also delicate or even special.

A basin with X means that the garment cannot be washed in water, the basin simple indicates that the garment can be washed in water both by hand and in the washing machine, the basin with the shape of a hand indicates a hand wash with normal rinse and delicate spin. We can also find the basin with a number inside it, this time then it indicates the machine wash with a normal cycle with the number that tells us the maximum water temperature for that type of garment (usually 30°, 40°, 60° 95°).

It's not over. When there is the basin with the number inside it and one line at the bottom, we are talking about washing at reduced speed, with delicate programs and the number always refers to the maximum water temperature. We can also find on the labels a basin with number and two lines in the lower part, which means and it is the turn of washing with a special cycle for delicates, always at the maximum allowed temperature.

Washing symbols with circle

When we find circular symbols, we are in the context of dry wash and there are different types, including the dry cleaning prohibition indication which is the one with the circle and the X above.

The simple circle means dry cleaning with all types of solvent, instead, and go away with the simple circle with a line below which means washing with precaution for the possibility of shrinkage, with the circle with an A which means washing with all the solvents in use, with the circle with a F. inside it stands for washing with hydrocarbons and trifluoro-trichloroethane.

The circle can always be accompanied by a P. inside, to indicate washing with perchlorethylene, chlorinated solvents and mineral essences, or by a W inside it for garments that can be subjected to a wet washing process. Let's continue with other letters and symbols.

When in addition to F there is also a line below it means washing with hydrocarbons and trifluoro-trichloroethane within the limits as far as it concerns the temperature and humidity, with the same logic we must read the analogous labels with the other capital letters already seen as the P and the W.

Triangle washing symbols

Leaving aside the symbols for ironing and drying, let's see those for bleaching which are exactly the symbols containing the triangle. When it has an X above it is clear that the garment should not be treated with bleach, therefore it must be washed only with detergent for colors or delicates.

When we find the "simple" triangle symbol, then we can treat the garment with any kind of bleach, the triangle can also have the letters CL inside it and this is the case of a bleachable garment with chlorine products. When the triangle has two internal parallel lines it means that the garment can be treated with oxygen-based bleach but not with chlorine-based bleach.

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