Tree of Life: meaning, why it is given and Foundation

Tree of Life: meaning, why it is given and Foundation

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L'tree of Life it is not a tree but it grows almost everywhere and carries with it a very important message that can be transversal to many different cultures and religions. It is curious how the tree of life unites and is appreciated almost everywhere.

Tree of life: what it is

We find this tree in ancient religious stories which tell of both a tree that God had placed in the Garden of Eden, together with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is therefore a symbolic tree that we can imagine and that over the centuries has crossed many beliefs and religions. Let's see how.

Tree of life: meaning

Each religion, or almost, assigns this tree a different shade of meaning that we can discover by making a kind of journey through the different beliefs. In the Jewish tradition this tree was formed by two trees were joined and it was then Adam who separated them. In the Torah a strong correlation is described between our tree of life and the fruit of pomegranate, other strongly symbolic natural element. In a glimpse of the scriptures it is also related that Adam broke the roots of this tree.

"Thus the Lord God made every tree desirable to sight and good as food grow from the ground and also the tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. "(Genesis 2,9)
"Let us see that he does not stretch out his hand and also take the fruit of the Tree of Life, eat it and live forever. "(Genesis 3,22)

In Christianity we speak of this tree in the Apocalypse where it is associated with paradise and it is also associated with cross of Christ. There are many iconographic representations of the Tree of Life and if we notice it, we find it in numerous paintings and sculptures. In Baptistery of Parma, in the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence, in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore of Bergamo. In Rastafarianism the tree of Life is that of Cannabis and its marijuana fruit.

Tree of life: because it gives itself away

Including that it is not a tree to be grown in a garden, but it is more the idea it represents that must be cultivated, we find several of its representations that are often given away with an attached and somewhat implicit message.

There shape of the tree, as it is drawn, it is a strong call to life but, if we remain faithful to the idea of ​​a tree, we must take into account the different seasons and this gives us many possibilities for interpretation. Each season corresponds to a natural element that invites us to reflect on a different part of ourselves. Before seeing from time to time, month by month, what the tree suggests to us, let's look at what messages the tree contains when we cross it. Her form is full of meaning, with roots, trunk, leaves and fruits which are strongly symbolic and often speak a universal language.

The roots or bind to the Earth, are solid and deep connections without which the tree could not stay stable in the ground and let alone grow and soar as much as it wants. Let's move on to the trunk which is in fact the first part exposed to the air e joins the roots with the branches that sprout and soar, pushing upwards. The branches are the part that looks to the future and at the same time marks the passage of time showing strong changes from season to season, adorning themselves with leaves and flowers, finally with fruits, and then undressed again. Each season has its own “gift” for us, fruits nourish us for example, mind them leaves are often curative

Giving the tree of life as a gift means giving the present, past and future because its shape unites the roots with the shoots. It is a well known symbol that calls to life, to the world and to knowledge. The time has finally come to understand how the tree, from season to season, can take on different meanings, together with the gift we make.

Let's start fromAutumn which recalls the element of water, source and guardian of life. We are in a phase of evolution and change this season, and the trees are preparing for winter, changing color and appearance. In this period, the tree of life reminds us to be determined and gives us calm and temperance. Water reminds us of fluidity and suggests that we let it go, not to stick to patterns but to allow both thoughts and emotions to flow, dissolving our energy and muscle blocks.

Here comes thewinter connected with the earth because it is often underground, in the roots, that the most important things happen in the coldest days. Winter is a point of arrival and contemplation of its beautiful landscapes of dew, snow, clouds and animal footprints in the snow. In this period we train patience and trust in a better world, we remain stable and fixed, we temper and we can work in self-confidence.

There spring season it is that of the air that is particularly sparkling these days. Spring is luxuriant and fertile, with new leaves and many flowers sprouting, but it also makes swallows fly and reserves unexpected storms. In spring, the tree helps us to bloom again but also, like air, to detach ourselves from earthly reality to experiment.

We arrived atsummer which is related to fire and shows the trees at the moment of their maximum power. There can be a radical change.

Tree of life: pictures

Tree of life: where to buy it

The tree of life is a symbol, therefore an idea. We cannot buy it but find objects that help us recall it whenever we want or need it. For example, we can give a tree of life pendant, or an object for the home such as a candle holder, or a print on a wooden frame of 5 pieces in abstract style by Gustav Klimt.

Tree of Life Foundation

The tree of life is also the name that was chosen by an association that is good for you. It may be because of the name but it is a reality that is increasingly known today and that brings extraordinary projects. The organization was born in Assisi on Christmas 1996 from the desire of a group of men and women to play their role in improving by looking for a higher sense of life. With the Tree of Life we ​​wanted to create a tool and then create it directly interventions aimed at children, aimed at safeguarding the right of every child to grow up in the best environmental, family, emotional and psychological conditions.

Today theTree of Life operates throughout the national territory and even outside the border, in some Developing countries. Its commitment is to promote services for the protection of minors in conditions of hardship: host communities, networks of foster families, maternity support services, long-distance support for children in poor countries and awareness campaigns on the issue of children's rights in the world.

The Tree of Life received in 2002 and 2007 the Silver Plaque from the President of the Italian Republic for its meritorious activities and for National Campaign on Children's Rights. With his campaigns and in general with his actions, he suggests to us the need for each of us to be more aware and responsible. Our website has chosen to collaborate with this association on the occasion of the Climatici conference. Day by day The Tree of Life carries out projects carried out with Pedagogy for the Third Millennium® (acronym PTM), an educational system that works for the improvement of human relationships. The daily practical goals it aims at are.

  • There Social quality, for the enhancement of a society that lives worthily and does not forget the weakest
  • The improvement of the life quality of people, adults and children, who live in conditions of social hardship
  • The support dissemination and recognition organizations engaged in the humanitarian field, in order to foster the growth of a culture of solidarity
  • There active participation to the development and quality of information on the major issues of solidarity, research and assistance how a quantum computer works and what is it for

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