Guard dogs: the most suitable breeds

Guard dogs: the most suitable breeds

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Watch dogs. Their priority is the protection of the territory. It is innate as a vocation and they are 100% dedicated to it, they consider it their ultimate goal and have all the potential to do it in the best possible way. THE watch dogsin fact, and we will see some examples, they are animals with memory skills and breed characteristics, which make them perfect "controllers".

If they have to control it, they are particularly linked to the territory, i watch dogs, to a limited area that can be our home, our garden, a courtyard in which - and often this happens - they are kept alone and alone with the purpose of making watch dogs.

Usually, due to the function they perform, i watch dogs they have a medium or large size but there are also small ones. And also, unexpectedly, watch dogs which are also excellent companions.

Small size guard dogs

As anticipated, there are also watch dogs small in size and it is by no means said that they do little guard. As often happens, nature surprises and in the small dimensions there is a great virtue and an incredible tenacity. Between watch dogs for example, small in size Skane terrier, Swedish breed not yet recognized or classified, just recovered after a "near extinction".

It looks a lot like the German Pinscher, this dog, has a muscular and lean structure, especially in face resembles the Fox Terrier. Its small size translates to 35 cm at the withers, it has a stump tail and hanging ears, an exuberant and jovial character. Besides that watch dogs on Swedish farms, i Skane terrier they are also used as a hunting dog for mice: they are serious and responsible, very fond of their master and the host family.

Another among the watch dogs which can be said considerably small (about 36cm) is the Rat Terrier, coming from Great Britain and also not recognized. The origins of these guard dogs date back to 1820 when there was a cross between Fox Terrier smooth-haired and Manchester Terrier.

Thus born, the Rat Terrier in 1890 it arrived in the United States and still modified on some standards. Today the Rat Terrier is muscular, has a deep chest, solid neck and powerful legs. The hair is dense and smooth, also on the tail, and of various colors, with the variants also two-colored and three-colored.

The ears are straight also a sign of the liveliness of these watch dogs. They are very affectionate by character even though they were once excellent and stubborn mouse hunters. To date i Rat Terrier they are a bit reckless: they do not always consider being small in size and launch unwise attacks. Not always, in general they are watch dogs among the most easy to train.

Medium-sized guard dogs

The medium-sized ones are i hunting dogs more numerous in the category. I have chosen two of the lesser known to tell here. One is the Chinese Chongqing dog, unrecognized breed, coming from the eastern region of the Sichuan province, in China.

These watch dogs they are among the most ancient, already present, more than 2000 years ago and were used in history for hunting wild boar and rabbit. Today he is one of the watch dogs less known to the world, so it was important to give it space.

His face has the classics folds which we know in better known breeds, the ears are erect and triangular, the tail straight and hairless; the eyes are dark with black lids. The hair, thin and short, is one-colored but you can choose between various shades of brown, reddish, mahogany, while violacea is its language. It is a unique feature of these guard dogs, which they share only with Chow Chow.

The Chinese Chongqing dog he tends to be aggressive so he must be trained well, if so he is affectionate and protective, he shows himself noble and excellent fighter.

Another watchdog medium size comes from Vietnam and is the Dog from Phu Quoc Island, not yet recognized but born from the cross between spitz-type dogs and dogs of the Canton or even Saigon breed. It has something of the German Shepherd, it has short hair, often reddish, and is a guard dog with an elongated body and longitudinal wrinkles along the muzzle that make it look almost surly.

Indeed, his nature is not at all sociable, he is not even aggressive, he is somewhat on his own. It is more than a pet watchdog and from self defense, very resistant.

Guard and companion dogs

We are used to the Neapolitan Mastiff, and here is the Korean Mastiff, which in the homeland is called Mee Kyun Dosa. This is officially recognized in the category of Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Cattle Dogs watchdog it is large in size, very robust and massive.

Like his fellow mastiffs he has one definitely abundant skin, usually with short hair and mahogany color although orange, red and brown are also allowed. Of these watch dogs the head is characteristic, very large, while in terms of character, sweetness and obedience prevail. The Korean Mastiff is easy to train so it becomes an excellent one watchdog but he is also fine with the family: he is affectionate and loves children.

Very popular in Japan is the Sanshu Ken, a breed of watch dogs acute and intelligent, always alert and attentive, also used as a companion dog. At the moment it has not been recognized, there is no standard but generally it is of medium size, the males are about 50 cm, the females a little less, it has a proportionate structure that expresses vigor and endurance. Even in keeping us company.

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