How to reuse shoe boxes

How to reuse shoe boxes

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Always, and especially lately, I refused shoe boxes when I bought a pair, leaving them to the shopkeeper to use in some way in the warehouse, or to throw away, and returning home free, light, without unnecessary clutter. One day, tidying up the house, I found myself looking for containers to group useless objects that I was sorry to throw away, jewelry, socks, make-up, and I deeply regretted my choices to do without shoe packaging, starting to cultivate a serious interest in how to reuse shoe boxes. And taking them home, I also have the certainty that they will not end up in general waste, if they really have to pass away.

So the advice is double, first of all save the shoe boxes and, even if a bit boring to take home, keep them with you and choose what to do with them. With all the possibilities that exist, you will almost want to buy a new shoe to use the packaging, some are sturdy and well made that not even new on the market can you find boxes like this.

How to reuse shoe boxes in the kitchen

To furnish the kitchen we can create a picnic basket ready to use, or a nice bread holder.
To make the first, it is necessary to cover the box on the outside with fabric, we can choose classic patterns, with colored squares, or floral and bizarre, depending on our style. Inside, instead, we need waterproof fabric so that we can then store food and accessories without fear of damaging our basket.

However, it is not necessary to waterproof the bread basket which we can instead decorate with rope or sturdy twine. Those who find it convenient can also create a handle, or two, either with other rope or with a piece of cardboard made from the lid of the shoebox and then coated.

How to reuse shoe boxes at home

Different objects that today we find around the various rooms and create disorder, can find a home when we realize how don't waste shoe boxes when the shoes are already on us and we don't need them anymore. We can adapt them and turn them into makeup cases, cable holders, shoe holders, clothes hanger even, or more generally, it carries objects.

To contain the tricks they can be covered with remnants of recycled fabric, according to our tastes, and then placed in the bathroom cabinet, with the lid similarly covered.

To obtain a mini containers for clothes, even the paper is enough to cover the cardboard. Inside there will not be great clothes but above all briefs and socks or at most a few T shirts but they are very useful for tidying up wardrobes and drawers, or for putting away summer clothes when the first cold weather arrives. Also the shoes they can be housed in cardboard boxes, not the same ones that were originally there but those many pairs that we already have at home, one in a row to the other. If we collect several cardboard packages and join them to form an opening on the front, we have built a shoe rack with shelves made from lids, to be covered with paper or with the decoupage.

Cords are often a sentence, at home, they get lost or tangled together. We can put an end to this problem by turning a shoe box into a cable tray. We make holes on the sides to pass the various wires of mobile phones and electronic devices so that they remain separate and easily identifiable.

One of the most classic destinies for a shoe box is to become a simple object holder and there is nothing wrong with that. Very original packages can come, using paper, fabric but also alternative materials such as paper straws lined up with vinyl glue.

How to reuse shoe boxes in kids' bedrooms

In the room, a box is always used to contain objects, for example, or bijoux. For the pens you also need rolls of toilet paper to be fixed inside the box, two or three, in order to divide markers, pens, coloring pencils. Everything can be decorated with paper, cutouts or fabric. To make a jewelry box, it is better to use the fabric using the cardboard from a second box to make dividers and create convenient compartments in which distribute necklaces, bracelets and earrings. the lid of the second box can become a picture, just decorate it with an image taken from a magazine or a printed photograph of us. Holes are made on one side and then hung.

If we are creative souls, always assembling more boxes for shoes we can even build one dollhouse, with the various rooms divided over several floors to be furnished. The inside sides can be lined with paper or cloth, and then there will be the roof, brown or earth colored.

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