What to do to reduce waste and not waste

What to do to reduce waste and not waste

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That of producing less junk it is not a mission that is improvised and commitment is not enough to have satisfactory results. So let's get it into our heads that we need to understand what to do to reduce waste and draw up a plan that embraces the various aspects of our life, not just the kitchen, not just shopping, not just cleaning the house. Like any business, if approached step by step, with a list of actions to be deleted and a strategy, everything will seem simpler and above all less demanding, because our working days and not are already full of commitments.

How to reduce waste: you need a plan

Sit down for a moment to figure out how to make a plan for reduce waste, it allows us to proceed automatically for months and months, without worrying about our environmental impact. But that's not all, there are also advantages for those who do not have a strong environmental vocation, two essential and that will surely convince you.

First in most cases one waste and waste reduction it also brings with it a strong reduction in expenses and costs. The economic benefit of our plan will be immediately evident to us, within a week. Having a plan also makes us organized and this means wasting less time and being more serene in dealing with the days with fewer worries, less things to keep up with because they are already planned.

What to do to reduce waste in the kitchen

I remember my grandfather who, I don't think for environmental reasons, wanted program the menu for the whole week. I'm not saying to do just that, but surely getting an idea of ​​what we're going to eat in the next few days helps us to shop in an intelligent way, avoiding putting products in our cart that we don't know what to do with them. Quantity and quality. How to get started?

With a week of observation, to become aware of our real consumption to then better modulate our forecasts. How much bread or how much pasta do we consume from Monday to Sunday? And especially for fresh food this work is very useful: how much fruit? And milk / yogurt? Once we have identified our rhythm, we can go shopping without fail, buying what we are sure to consume, avoiding throwing money and food in the garbage because it is not used at the weekend.

This foresight in making the shopping list makes us capable of also minimize packaging that we put into circulation for two main reasons. We can take the big packages if we know that we consume a product in abundance, which for example often happens with yogurt and cheese, but also with other products. Furthermore, if we are fans of bulk, we can equip ourselves with our own containers and go to buy what we need with the precision of the gram, or almost.

For those who do office life, this practice is very convenient because it goes hand in hand with the idea of ​​preparing for it schiscetta, we can organize the menu of the week already having everything you need so that every evening there is minimal effort to fill it for the next day, and without thinking too much.

What to do to reduce waste in the home

A similar strategy can also be applied at home, with i personal hygiene products and with those for cleaning the rooms, bathroom in the first place. If we know our average consumption rate, we can buy what is necessary and above all fill up in a bulk shop. Even in any other store, planning is useful because it helps us take advantage of offers and offers family packs, even if we have no family, which usually cost less.

At home, waste to be avoided are mainly those of packaging and what little we are forced to buy we can recycle in creative ways, whether it is plastic or cardboard. Find several tips here too.

What to do to reduce the waste of clothes

Even clothes can become gods potential waste difficult to dispose of and we realize it when we make the change of season. What to do to reduce waste? First of all we try to buy only what is necessary, or that we like, but asking ourselves several times if we are buying it to fill a void, for stress, or because we need it. And once we unwrap one of our dresses, by size, wear or fashion change, before throwing it in the bin let's ask ourselves if we can give it away to someone who can appreciate it. To a friend, a friend's daughter, a vintage-loving niece or one of the many associations that collect clothing for those in need. In a single gesture, two works of good, towards the environment and towards others.

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