The most romantic tourist destinations

The most romantic tourist destinations

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Are you dreaming of a romantic holiday or an exciting adventure? L'ecotourism offers this and more with breathtaking views, wildlife and large green spaces. There are also luxury destinations featuring renewable energy and light carbon footprints. For the Italian population, doing ecotourism means staying within the peninsula but, for those who really want to explore the rest of the world, below you will find five of the most popular destinations for a sustainable tourism and pristine.

1) Vanua Levu Island. Among the most popular destinations are the Fiji Islands, in this exotic paradise there is an award-winning Resort for its eco-sustainable policies. This is the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, on the island of Vanua Levu. The Resort extends over 17 acres of land and is made up of 25 authentic “boo-rays”, the classic thatched cottages decorated with wooden floors and rattan furniture.

Once you arrive there, you can only enjoy a romantic walk along the shores of the island and visit a village with the help of a local guide, better to rely on locals also to visit the mangrove lagoons. The village of Jean Michel Cousteau has won numerous awards for the tourism culturally sensitive and eco-friendly.

2) Glover Reef Atoll, Belize. What's more romantic than a desert island? You don't need to be Richard Branson to enjoy a private island, just contact Slickrock Adventures and purchase an island vacation package off the coast of Belize. On the island you can learn to kayak, surf, dive and more. On the entire island there are only 15 cabins, the area is completely unspoiled, in fact, the energy used comes from the sun and there is no shortage of ecological toilets, water pumps and eolic energyto.

There is no cleaning service, air conditioners, or elaborate toilets, although the management of Slickrock Adventures is able to guarantee fresh beers and soft drinks.

3) Antarctica. Leave the exotic scenery for a moment and immerse yourself in the dry cold of the most remote continent. Antarctica offers breathtaking beauty and fearless challenges that only a lucky few will be able to face.

A great way to travel to Antarctica in full respect of the environment is company Lindblad Expeditions which has only welcomed small groups of travelers since 1950.ecotourism in Antarctica there is no kayaking, no swimming and even less diving among the icebergs. More than a romantic trip, it could be an adventure dedicated to all lovers of nature and wildlife: you will meet Adelie penguins in their natural habitat; in addition Lindblad is a partner of National Geographic, this means that you will have a team of experts at your disposal or you can even assist scientists who are studying the fauna, climate and geology of the area.

If a week in the Fiji Islands or off the coast of Belize did not exceed $ 2,000, a travel package to Antarctica costs from $ 10,000 to $ 40,000.

4) Costa Rica. Costa Rica is often synonymous with "ecotourism“, Its habitat is home to some of the most sought after wild animals in the world. A show is offered by the rains in the forest, as well as the sparkling sun makes the beaches along the coasts spectacular. In Costa Rica, the active volcano with its picturesque landscapes is not to be missed; moreover, local realities are giving life to a real zero-impact tourism, defined by the tour operators of the world as “carbon neutral tourism”.

In addition to trekking, mountain biking, bird watching, exploration and cultural activities, Costa Rica offers the descents on the falls with the so-called "rapids". If you are thinking of taking a vacation to Costa Rica, explicitly ask to join the travel programs of the non-profit organization Rainforest Alliance, a leader in program management sustainable tourism. Eight days in Costa Rica with a trekking program could cost around $ 1,200.

5) Africa. Have you ever thought about going on a Safari in Africa? Go for a ride on the back of an elephant or take pictures with a close-up of a cheetah? To offer such a solution is Camp Jabulani which offers accommodation in "thatched houses"5-star ultra-luxury, where there is no lack of comforts such as air conditioning and stone pools. What is it sustainable in this? The managers of the Camp Jabulani they have invested heavily in local populations, providing numerous job opportunities but above all they have contributed to stopping the poaching phenomenon that afflicts Africa.

Camp Jabulani has been designed to accommodate the most demanding travelers and offers packages to encourage exploration of the local fauna. Among the various packages there is the "Big Five", literally the "big five”Where the tourist can be face to face with lions, leopards, rhinos, buffaloes and elephants. The village includes a nature reserve where there is an operational center for the protection of endangered species.



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