How to spend an eco-romantic Valentine's Day

How to spend an eco-romantic Valentine's Day

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Valentine's day is upon us, do you already have an idea of ​​how to spend it and what to give to your partner? If you want to surprise him for this year but want to respect the environment at the same time, you can follow a few simple tips so as to spend a day of Valentine's day in the name of love yes, but for both the partner and the environment!

This guide is aimed at everyone, we do not pretend to turn you into small artisans so that you can build sculptures or jewels with recycled materials, inventiveness and creativity will certainly help you in such enterprises, but this article does not contain any of this. and even the most clumsy can spend a day of Valentine's day in the name of romanticism and ecology.

The first thing is the choice of gift of Valentine's day. Two great classics: flowers and chocolates. Of course, Perugian kisses are a cult, but what do you think about buying an eco-sustainable chocolate? Numerous stores have a department where you can find biscuits and chocolates produced in areas where cocoa plants grow spontaneously, so as to be able to give an authentic product, without preservatives, chemicals and above all with a low environmental impact. A similar advice can be made for flowers, if you really find them necessary because you are an incurable romantic, buy them from a florist who grows them locally or you can buy them at a certified fair, in the period of Valentine's day fairs of this kind are held in many areas of Italy.

Among the finest gifts are jewelry and holidays. In this case too, ecquo-solidarity choices can be made. There are many jewels on the market that do not exploit any environmental resource, here an article in which we suggest some. While for men, if you want to choose a watch, there is also in this case the ecological alternative. A gift for Valentine's day more expensive but certainly appreciated, it could be that of a weekend away. Ecotourism is now quite widespread but to make you understand well what you can encounter, we recommend reading "Traveling in an ethical way". If the gift is a romantic dinner, treat yourself to it in a zero kilometer restaurant or do something better: to amaze your partner, prepare it at home, stocking the fridge with fresh products bought from local farmers and breeders which are usually even cheaper than organic department of hypermarkets.

Another cult, among the Valentine's Day gifts is the underwear, here you can choose garments made in Lenpur, a special fiber obtained from wood waste which, unlike classic synthetic fabrics, has a much lower environmental impact. If the gift consists of a shirt, an iPod or simply any accessory, you can decide to pack it without killing unnecessary trees. Ribbons, cards, envelopes, boxes and ruler cards can be made from as many cards. Remember, the packaging will still end up in the garbage! It does not take great manual skills, it takes very little, sometimes even the bread paper alone can give an original and easy package. Old newspapers, clippings, a mix of cardboard and fabrics can be used for the packaging.

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