Offshore wind, the situation in Europe

Offshore wind, the situation in Europe

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According to a recent EWEA report, 2011 closed with 235 new ones offshore wind turbines connected to the grid for a value of 2.4 billion euros. L'European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), in his report, highlighted a slight reduction in production compared to 2010 when a total power of 883 MW was installed and connected to the grid, while in 2011 the power from offshore wind turbines that is fed into the network is 866 MW.

However, nine offshore wind farms they are currently under construction and will bring an increase in power of 2,375 MW. The power generated in the last two years by the offshore wind farms it is incomparable to that generated in the past: in 2008 there were only 327 MW and in 2009 the installed power amounted to 584 MW. The year 2011 represents a period of stalemate for the wind sector but if we analyze the situation of the complex, we notice that we are facing a sector in clear growth.

In Europe, there are 1371 offshore wind turbines connected to the electricity grid, 53 wind farms scattered in 10 different countries where a total power of 3,813 MW is generated. The north-west area of ​​Europe is the most active: currently new offshore wind farms they are under construction in the UK, Germany and Belgium. In this way, England can be reconfirmed as the industry leader, in fact, in 2011, 87% of the wind energy connected to the grid came from British waters. If England excels in Europe, Europe excels in the globe as European companies are currently the world leaders of offshore wind sector in fact 99% of the installed capacity in the open sea is given by European waters.

Which are the leading companies ofoffshore wind? Again according to the data collected byEWEA, 80% of the MW installed offshore last year, sport the brand Siemens, while the SSE and the RWE Innogy they were the most active groups in the setting up and development of new technologies. As for the economic factor, the DONG Energy, in 2011, it was reconfirmed as the most active company.

The sector offshore wind it must grow in terms of technology because it could bear great fruit. Among the new developments is the project launched in Portuguese waters. L'offshore wind, by 2020 it will create approximately 169,000 jobs in the entire European Union, a figure destined to rise by 2030, reaching an employment rate of 300,000 jobs.

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