Cisco technological partner of Milan Expo 2015

Cisco technological partner of Milan Expo 2015

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For theExpo 2015 Cisco will be the technological partner that, using a future generation IP network, will give life to the so-called Digital Smart Cities of the future. The company will have to transform the site of theExpo 2015, in a smart city, a digital showcase interconnected with each user.

We have already told you about the official partners who have already been selected for the Milan International Exhibition. There Cisco he was one of them but only at the end of February did the company make the official announcement and shed light on how he will hold the prestigious position. There Cisco, using a smart connection with innovative architecture, it will set up a better city, not only interconnected with the entire community but also more sustainable.

Visitors to theExpo 2015, thanks to Cisco they will be able to experience the safety, organization but also the energy efficiency of a more sustainable management and health care of a digital city.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore the Digital Smart Cities but also to connect, collaborate and share their digital content around the world. This will be made possible by Cisco's technologies based on localization of services on mobile devices.

The technologies that Cisco will introduce with theExpo 2015, have all the potential to change the quality of urban life. An example? The Cisco HealthPresence, stations that will allow remote medical assistance, via high-definition video. These stations will be installed at the site of theExpo 2015, are real medical and clinical systems for broadband data transmission.

From health care we move on to energy saving with EnergyWise, an integral part of the network. EnergyWise is the service that measures the energy expenditure of all devices. By monitoring it will be possible to ensure better energy efficiency so as to reduce waste and comply with the sustainability policies that will be the protagonists of theExpo 2015.

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