Floating wind farm for Malta

Floating wind farm for Malta

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A floating platform with a diameter of 480 meters equipped with 36 wind turbines with a power of 54 MW. This is how thewind energy will it come to life off the coast of Malta, Sweden or Cyprus? The government of Malta is considering the possibility of relying on the Swedish developer Hexicon's project, but the race forfloating wind it is not only from the Island of Malta, two other countries are in contention.

With its 54 MW of power, the platform will become the largest floating wind farm in the world. And so, for Malta, the race to obtain funding from the European Commission under the NER300 program began.

Floating Wind Power largest in the world. Data sheet:

  • Hexagonal floating platform
  • Platform diameter, 480 meters
  • 36 horizontal axis wind turbines
  • Height of turbines with horizontal axis: 120 meters
  • Power of each horizontal axis wind turbine rotor: 6.5 MW
  • 30 vertical axis oil turbines
  • Vertical axis wind turbine power, 500 kW

Where could it arise? Off the north east coast of Malta.

Other countries vying for the hoarding of the floating wind platform largest in the world:
Sweden and Cyprus are strongly motivated to enter into agreements with Swedish developers for the mooring of the floating platform off their coasts. Therefore, the Swedish developer Hexicon will identify which site will be most suitable. In technical terms, all three candidates could host the floating platform, so Hexicon will evaluate the deal in terms of the support any government is willing to offer.

If Malta is highly motivated, Cyprus and Sweden are too: the Swedish Energy Agency has shown a strong interest in the project and who knows if Hexicon would prefer to play at home rather than move to Malta. Everything will depend on the offers that the government of the island south of the Italian coasts will be able to make: Malta.

Video: See the view from the worlds largest offshore wind turbine in 360 (June 2022).


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