Cover, keyboard and solar energy for iPad

Cover, keyboard and solar energy for iPad

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Is writing with your iPad a bit uncomfortable? Does the touchscreen keyboard fit too tightly? An accessory comes to your rescue, it is one cover for iPad which integrates a comfortable self-powered keyboard, does not need batteries!

Logitech wants to get busy with renewable energies and has no intention of letting the potential of the Sun escape, so, after the solar-powered wireless keyboard, launches the Solar Keyboard Folio, the iPad cover that integrates keyboard and solar panels.

The keyboard has Bluetooth connectivity and is seamlessly integrated into the cover which, thanks to the solar panels, guarantees total autonomy. The cover is slim and elegant, protects the tablet screen and features a keyboard powered by any type of light, whether in direct sunlight or indoors.

Batteries can ensure keyboard operation even in total darkness, according to tests, they could power the keyboard for two years even without the slightest glimmer of light!

Today, people cannot do without their tablets, so the need arises to make them more comfortable and practical. The solar Keyboard Folio aims exactly at this: “Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio is the perfect partner for the tablet. The elegant integrated keyboard uses light to recharge and, at the same time, protects all sides of the iPad without increasing its weight " says Alexis Richard, Logitech's Director of Product Marketing.

The cover has two adjustable angles and the list price is 129.99 euros.

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