Twizy at Mobility Tech in Naples

Twizy at Mobility Tech in Naples

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Handy, beautiful and easy to park, safe and to load quickly with good autonomy. But most of all Twizy is Zero Emissions, 100% electric and Zero Noise. Here's what made her deserve a flash mob entirely dedicated to the MobilityTech of Naples. To tell the story of Renault's Urban Crosser, also in the 14-year-old version, is Francesco Fontana Giusti, image and communication manager of the company.

1) Three reasons why Twizy is different from the others? Why is it green? And why is it called that?

Twizy is 100% electric: Zero emissions during use, but also zero noise and the name was born from the union of two words: TWIN (because it is a two-seater) is EASY (because it is easy to use). It is different from the others first of all for the new concept of mobility: Twizy is an Urban Crosser that combines the handling of the world of two wheels with the safety of the world of four wheels, all with an immediately striking design. Then you park anywhere (2.3m long and 1.2m wide), it's very handy, having a 3.4m turning radius, and recharges at any 220V socket (with adapter). Third important feature: it's fun but safe. It accelerates from 0 to 45 in 6 seconds, but also has an airbag, front and rear seat belts, four disc brakes, on Renault sport technologies (F1) chassis, for optimum road holding.

2) What will happen in the flash mob organized for Sunday 10 June during the MobiltyTech in Naples?

At 9 pm in Piazza Vittoria there will be an "energy show", made up of lights, many young people and a lot of energy around ten Twizys. The event is called "Energy night".

3) Autonomy and charging times, the Italians are perplexed about this: what does Twizy answer?

The autonomy of 100 km is more than enough for city mobility: even the most recent studies on mobility from European countries confirm that it is difficult to exceed 60 km per day in cities. Furthermore, the total recharge is obtained in 3 hours and 30 minutes.

4) Zero emissions, what about noise pollution?

Zero noise.

5) Why Twizy is suitable to the urban environment?

First of all for the dimensions (2.3 m length + 1.2 m width): Twizy can be parked everywhere. Then for the turning radius (3.4m for easy maneuvers) for easy overtaking (from 0 to 45s in 6 sec). And also because you can enter the ZTL areas (depending on the municipalities) and park for free on the blue lines. For the reduced charging costs (€ 1.5 per 100km). In addition there are two versions, also the 45 version for 14 year olds.

6) Who and how did you study design? With what priorities? Some particular accessories?

The design is by Eric Diemert. It was designed to offer a new concept of mobility suitable for the city, thinking about size, innovative, trendy and young design, ease of use. The design expresses the feeling of freedom, with the concept of open / closed product. Among the accessories: the rear parking radar, the customizations (strippings, colored alloy wheels, mudguards and colored mirrors), the parrot blue tooth kit (USB key for connection with IPhone).

7) In addition to being beautiful, is also safe? What precautions have been studied in this regard?

It is beautiful, because it has an unusual, exclusive design that does not go unnoticed. But it is also safe: with the standard airbag, front and rear seat belts, four disc brakes on RST chassis. Many safety tests have been carried out: the 50km / h crash test (not mandatory on cycle panels, but done by Renault), the so-called "barbecue" test (fire is applied to the car: the electric car catches fire after 10 minutes, while a thermal vehicle in 1.2 minutes). Finally, there is also the helmet-shaped protective shell, which is made of steel.

Interview byMarta Abbà

Video: RENAULT TWIZY IBIZA (June 2022).


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