Differentiated, blessed are those who do it. Well

Differentiated, blessed are those who do it. Well

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An exciting challenge to achieve excellence with the recycling. Fun videos, tests, surveys and many other tools to help citizens a separate waste correctly and effortlessly.

If for some Italian cities the recycling it is a real novelty, in the province of Turin this has a ten-year history. Since the end of the 90s, in Turin, a significant boost has been given to separate waste collection throughout the territory. The process started many years ago was able to reap the rewards with considerable percentages that went from 18% of recycling in 2000 until reaching 50% in 2009.

This percentage remained stable but with the campaign "Recycling. Blessed are those who do it. Well." it is destined to rise. To highlight the Turin efforts, just think that in the context of the recycling, Turin is the first among the Italian cities of similar size, as confirmed by the 2011 data that see:
-Turin with a percentage of 43.2%
-Milan with 34.4%
-Bari with 22.40%
-Naples with 18.6%;

Unfortunately, the Turin population also stumbles upon errors, among the most common: light bulbs in the glass collection, receipts in paper, diapers in the organic, toothbrushes in plastic ... To avoid these errors and separate waste a Memorandum of Understanding was correctly signed between the Province of Turin, ATOR, Basin Consortia and Supply Chain Consortia, with the communication campaign on waste reduction and improvement of the quantity and quality of recycling. The campaign will involve more than two million inhabitants, to be precise 2,300,000.

And you, are you ready for separate waste? Find out with the tests and the material you find on
To give you an idea of ​​how engaging this campaign will be, we leave you with the illuminating video of Gabriele Saluci.

Video: CP, You Are So Funny! - Christian Prince - Indonesian subtitles (June 2022).


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