Technological waste and precious raw materials

Technological waste and precious raw materials

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Electronic products contain rare earths and precious metals

Italy, the second largest manufacturing nation on the continent, uses an impressive amount of raw material that are used to run their industries, mainly metals and minerals, almost all imported from abroad. Since the extractive sector in our country is not very developed, we can, precisely from recycling, derive a significant chance for the recovery of essential minerals without irreparably deteriorating ecosystems.

In light of this scenario, in 2011 ReMedia, the National Consortium for the eco-sustainable management of Technological Waste - WEEE, brought the topic to the attention of Italy as part of the event "Hi-tech & Environment - Raw materials: strategic resources for an economy of efficiency" where the economist and Nobel Peace Prize Woodrow Clark presented the Recycling manifesto, of which he was the first signatory. The Manifesto is a declaration of commitment to improve and increase the recycling of WEEE aimed at the entire supply chain. ReMedia was the first to marry the words of the Manifesto with a concrete project launched in 2012:E-Waste Lab.

E-Waste Lab promoted by ReMedia has the goal of maximizing the value of recycling of WEEEand orient the investments of the players in the supply chain towards greater effectiveness and integration along the supply chain itself. A first phase of analysis of the scenario and economic and environmental opportunities will be followed by a complementary activity aimed at identifying pilot projects and implementing feasibility studies economic. The E-Waste laboratory also foresees the development of best practices relating to the collection, transport, recycling and recovery of precious materials from electronic waste, with an orientation towardsorganizational innovation and process of all services related to the collection and the recycling of technological waste.

The Laboratory was created through a multidisciplinary partnership that involves: the ReMedia Consortium, the Politecnico di Milano (Departments of: Management Engineering (DIG), Materials Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (CMIC), Electronics and Information (DEI), Lombardy Region, Amsa, Stena S.p.A is Assolombarda.

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