The solar-powered ferry

The solar-powered ferry

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The Emerald Ace at sea

Emerald Ace it is the first transoceanic ferry designed to have a level of emissions equal to zero during its stops in port, taking advantage of a hybrid power generator installed on board. To make it possible are the HIT solar panels by Panasonic and the lithium batteries, which provide power when the ship is stationary allowing the diesel generator to be switched off

The system, already tested by the Nissan car manufacturer on a cargo ship, was created thanks to the Research & Development activities started in January 2010 in synergy by Panasonic, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) e Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), with the aim of creating a car carrier that exploited renewable energies. The Emerald Ace left the MHI shipyard in Kobe, Japan in June, ready to take up service on all ocean-going motor vehicle routes.

The ship adopts a Panasonic plant consisting of solar modules from 160 KW and lithium ion batteries of about 2.2 MWh which integrate theelectric energy produced by the boat's diesel generator, allowing to reduce the total CO₂ emissions. The current generated by the HIT solar modules is stored in the lithium accumulators it is mainly used when the ship is at anchor. The lithium-ion accumulators are placed in the hull of the ship, used as fixed ballast, so as not to affect the cargo capacity of the vessel.

For Panasonic it is undoubtedly a prestigious result, the result of continuous research work aimed at creating systems that combine solar cells and secondary accumulators. An innovative solution that further enriches the experience of the Japanese company in the sector of creation and conservation of energy.

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