Floriade, the great green festival

Floriade, the great green festival

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Until 7 October it will be possible to visit theinternational green exhibition. It is called Floriade and it is the exhibition that covers 66 hectares of surface where 1.8 million bulbs, 190,000 perennials, 18,000 shrubs, 15,000 hedges, 5,000 rose bushes, 3,000 trees and much more have been planted.

Floriade it is the Green Expo that is organized in Holland every 10 years. At the entrance to the exhibition area, guests will be greeted with a pair of boots five meters high. The visitor will have a welcome with all the trimmings given the green imprint of the gardener's boots!


Florida has reached its sixth edition. The first international green exhibition was held in Rotterdam in 1960. Followed by Amsterdam (1972 and 1982), Zoetermeer in 1992 and Haarlemmermeer in 2002. This year's edition is hosted in Venlo in North Limburg.

Among the 66 hectares of land could not miss the Italian pavilion with the luxuriant vegetation typical of the boot. Floriade exposes i flowers and the most beautiful ornamental plants, but also fruit plants and vegetables from all over the world. In the international exhibition of greenery it is possible to find everything that is grown on the land.

The exhibition area is divided into five thematic areas ranging from "Wellness" with the importance ofhorticulture for a healthy life; "Sustainability" which sees horticulture as a promoter of clean energy ed sustainable economy; "Eyes on the future" where multiple disciplines intersect and we overlook innovation but above all on how greenery can improve the quality of life. The last area foresees a real "Convergence of Cultures" characterized by reception areas, free places, trees, flowers and obviously there is plenty of vegetation.


Another amazing fact of Floriade is its end: at the end of the Dutch international exhibition, the entire Floriade area will be donated to the GreenPark of Venlo, a sustainable business park totally surrounded by greenery. Floriade relaunch the agricultural sector. Admission to the exhibition costs 25 euros. More info is available on the portal

Video: Floriade Canberra 2010 (June 2022).


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