Solar, duties are needed for Chinese imports

Solar, duties are needed for Chinese imports

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80% of the European solar market is managed by China. A tragic percentage if we consider that our local companies are focusing on green economy to go up. While waiting for the European Commission to carry out the necessary calculations to launch or not a more in-depth investigation, the MEP is speaking Oreste Rossi which presses for the introduction of duties against unfair competition.

The tug-of-war between Europe and China hangs in favor of the Asian country. The reason? The low prices offered by companies photovoltaic Chinese. European companies are investing heavily in renewables and in the foreground there is the photovoltaic. L'clean energy is a growing sector that allows for profits and compliance with standards in terms of CO2 emissions.

The European commitment in the fight against climate changes it is clear, China is not committed to this and what's more "it also competes unfairly with us by placing low-cost materials on the market, we are mocked twice: once because we make citizens and businesses pay to install photovoltaic systems, and second because we buy from countries that have lower costs and do not adapt to ours standard", as the MEP explained Oreste Rossi.

For Rossi, the only solution is that those third countries that have not signed a common protocol in which they are committed to the fight against climate changes, must be subject to duties at the border of the European Union, these duties are necessary to combat unfair competition from China.

Chinese photovoltaic companies defend themselves by stating that such a strategy could slow down the entire sector because with their decrease in production, imports of raw materials would decrease, many of which come from Europe.

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