How many vehicles are in circulation in the world?

How many vehicles are in circulation in the world?

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By the end of 2012, one billion could circulate passenger cars, one vehicle for every seven inhabitants. According to estimates made by the Worldwatch Institute, today there are 979 million vehicles between light and heavy vehicles when in 2011 there were only 691 million cars.

As for the electric vehicles, production is struggling to rise. Although many countries have announced targets for the dissemination of electric vehicles, the production of hybrid cars is barely noticeable on the global vehicle market.

China, for example, would like to increase the spread of hybrid cars and electricity, reaching 5 million by 2020. If China were to maintain this target, it would hold 40% of electric cars and hybrids around the globe.

According to other estimates, the goal set by China is quite utopian. Deutsche Bank Climate Advisors has made a perhaps more realistic estimate that revises down the target proposed by the Chinese authorities with an analysis that sees the spread of "only" 3.5 million clean vehicles by 2020.

The production of hybrid cars it is increasing but the percentage is low: only 2% of total vehicle production. More than half of global light vehicle production is in China, closely followed by the United States, Japan and Germany.

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