IPhone 5, is it green?

IPhone 5, is it green?

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L'iPhone 5 will arrive in the Italian Apple Stores later this month. The new phone will debut on the market with obvious changes in design and content. What impact will theiPhone 5 onenvironment? Is it more ecological than its predecessors?

The relationship with ours portable devices It's very sad. We are taken by the lust of the moment and we buy a device, but the same “Technological lust”Attacks us every time the newcomer appears on the market. This is also the case this September, Apple fans will have the opportunity to change smartphone.

The most important updates include a larger Retina display that has reached 4 inches, a reduced thickness, more sensitive accelerometer, more capable cameras and much more. Some of these changes have a environmental impact positive, others are not!

One of the main advantages of the new Melafonino is that it uses a faster and much more efficient processing chip. The new A6 is almost twice as fast as its predecessor and can boast more energy efficiency with reduced energy consumption. Consequently the battery life has increased to up to 8 hours of talk time with active 3G technology, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours of video playback, 40 hours of music playback and well 225 hours of standby time. A great leap in quality if you think that theiPhone 4S it offered 6 hours on 3G, 9 hours of surfing on wifi and only 200 hours on standby.

Another environmental impact positive is constituted by the materials used which increase its life span. These are metal supports more resistant than those used for the construction of the previous models. This choice could reduce waste increasing the life span of the Smartphone.

Even though the camera has the same megapixels as the 4S, the sensor employed should be better with reduced noise and better low-light performance. The camera is 40% faster and it also has the panorama function. This could lead the user not to purchase an ad hoc device for taking photographs. If theiPhone offers an acceptable camera, the user could consume fewer electronic devices by giving up a dedicated device.

L'environmental impact of the iPhone 5 turns out to be negative due to a substantial hardware change, the one that makes the masses discuss: the new dock connector makes all the previous accessories, potential waste. How many users will purchase the adapter? The price of the adapters offered by Apple ranges from 19 to 39 dollars. We will almost certainly see a large amount of speakers and dockstations thrown away to make room for the new models.

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