Discovering the other side of Milan with Expo 2015

Discovering the other side of Milan with Expo 2015

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The Milanese know the immense natural heritage of South Park? To bring to light the value of agricultural production is Expo 2015 with three cycling routes proposed for Sunday 30 September.

In view of theExpo 2015, the Universal Exposition of Milan which will have as its theme “Feeding the planet, energy for life“, It is important that citizens become aware the strategic role of rural realities, from landscape assets to the healthiness of some typical products. The Milan South Agricultural Park it is a model resource of Europe. Thanks to the emblem of this park, it will be possible to raise public awareness of the fundamental importance of agricultural areas, productivity agro-food and of the great naturalistic vocation. That is why among the events that separate us from the Milan Expo 2015 there is Milky Way.

FAI and Expo 2015 promote the development of a Milky Way quite particular. A cycling route, a walk between nature and agricultural realities but above all a full immersion in the goodness of milk and its derivatives starting from the South Milan Agricultural Park.

"With its 47 thousand hectares, the South Milan Agricultural Park is one of the largest metropolitan green belts in Europe, a landscape of considerable historical and cultural value with abbeys, farmhouses, mills and villages, an indispensable green lung."

So, Sunday 30 September, from 9.30 to 18.00, we start with Milky Way, the mission? Enhance the excellence of Milan South Agricultural Park. There is still more than a year to goExpo 2015 but it will be necessary to arrive prepared and as if not with tastings, artisan workshops and trips into nature, among mills, suggestive villages and agricultural traditions.

The Milanese and all visitors will have the opportunity to discover the other face of the geographical area between the NAvigli and the Adda. You can visit farmhouses and museums. There are three cycling routes, from that of Gaggiano of 19 km, Lacchiarella with 10 km and San Giuliano Milanese and Melegnano of 18 km.

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