Smart INSECT, Toyota's urban car

Smart INSECT, Toyota's urban car

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There will be a new one urban-car on the street and is the smallest in the house Toyota, his name is Smart INSECT, a small vehicle but loaded with technology. The Japanese carmaker continues to tinker with the design of the new ones electric cars, the latest proposal comes with the Smart INSECT and can be described as a latest generation vehicle.

Literally, his name could mean "smart insect". We wonder how long we have to wait to hear it "buzz " around the streets. There Smart INSECT can boast hi-tech technology because it uses information systems (IT) and numerous innovations, it is no coincidence that its name is capitalized "INSECT", In fact it is the acronym of Information Network Social Electric City Trasporter.


It is a vehicle capable of integrating into an information network social represented by the urban world around us and by the driver himself. The image that evokes the Smart INSECT it is that of a small winged insect that flies through the streets and freely navigates through a dense network of information. We can talk about the Toyota Smart INSECT using any metaphor, but the characteristics speak of a electric vehicle ultra-compact, a single-seater that for now can only be seen at the Toyota exhibition area of ​​CEATEC JAPAN 2012.

There are no precise technical details, we can assume that it is an urban vehicle that could place itself as a direct competitor of the Renault Twizy but it is still too early to tell. Being an urban vehicle, it could offer moderate speeds and a range of 60 km / h. It is not excluded that there could be more models, a light urban vehicle and a more powerful one with a speed difference from 60 km / h to 120 km / h.

During the presentation the car manufacturer Toyota she focused on the hitech part, the real characteristic of the urban car. Let's see some gems:

  • frontal motion sensors that use facial recognition technology to identify and authenticate the rider
  • Smart INSECT it can communicate with the pilot through a system of lights that can welcome him or communicate with voice responses
  • Automatic door opening! It sounds like science fiction but the motion sensors detect when the pilot is approaching the hand to the door so as to open the door in a simple and intuitive way
  • A Virtual Agent, by means of the driver's voice recognition, can predict his intentions and set the vehicle's destination by also automating the functions of the Smart INSECT (fog lights, audio system ...)
  • The navigation systems can be managed with voice commands
  • Using voice commands, the driver can manage all vehicle functions, for example, he can manage the air conditioning, the locks ...


L'electric car next generation is intended for an audience ready to be pampered by a world of comfort made of technology and "virtual magiordomi "... who does not want a digital Ambrogio ready to open the door!

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