Green house and habitat in SAIE

Green house and habitat in SAIE

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Norbert Lantschner, international expert in sustainability in construction, founder of Casaclima and president of the ClimAbita Foundation, is the scientific coordinator of SAIE Green Habitat, the exhibition itinerary of SAIE (in Bologna from 18 to 21 October) which integrates the spaces dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency (SAIENERGIA) with those dedicated to systems, components and materials of sustainable and safe building (LaterSAIE and SAIELegno).

SAIE Green Habitat is a rich program of conferences and workshops that focuses attention on a topic of primary importance: the building requalification in urban and residential areas and the environmental and energy sustainability. And again it is the place dedicated to environmentally friendly and natural materials (SAIE New Stone Age Design) and the urban landscape (Saie Urban Landscapes).

For the first time this year, the new exhibition dedicated to innovative technologies for sport and leisure (SAIE SPORT & Technologies) which integrates with the initiatives that enrich the path of SAIE GREEN Habitat. There are 6 "squares" (intended as meeting and debate places) available to visitors.

Piazza dell’Energia this year hosts the video exhibition of selected Saie Selection2012 projects dedicated to sustainable redevelopment interventions. The Forum area will also investigate the new regulations, design techniques and products for limiting the energy needs of existing buildings.

Square of bricks and ceramics. The brick and ceramic tile industry reconfirms SAIE as an important reference point in the construction system and with a space specifically dedicated to companies and products in the specific sector. Confindustria Ceramica and ANDIL Assolaterizi, in the form of a Federation, will animate an area of ​​over 1,000 square meters, within which the highly topical issues of modern building such as sustainability, energy saving, comfort and management economy will be treated and, above all, in line with the fair guidelines, prevention and safety of buildings in seismic areas.

Energy efficient envelope square. The square is curated by ANIT, the National Association for Thermal and Acoustic Insulation. The heart of the initiative will be the Exhibition Area - a space dedicated to technologies and correct installation - and the Forum, where free events will be organized for professionals on the most current issues related to the efficiency of the envelope.

Med in Italy. The Med in Italy solar housing module participates in the SolarDecathlon Europe 2012 competition. Located in an outdoor area that can be visited during the four days of the event, the "Med in Italy" team will be present to illustrate its operation, materials and technologies.

SAIESelection. After the three successful editions of 2009, 2010 and 2011 which saw the participation of hundreds of projects from all over the world, this competition organized by BolognaFiere with the help of Archi-Europe and dedicated to students and designers under 40, is back. sponsored by the National Council of Architects and the Order of Architects of Bologna. The awards ceremony will take place during the event.

Start people meet Innovation. It is the area of ​​innovative projects and products selected by a technical-scientific committee. The exhibition on the theme of technological innovation in architecture and construction aims to present, through products, technologies, projects and research, the state of the art and the main trends in the field of innovation for construction.

SAIE Bologna 8-12 October


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