At the table in Naples with Expo 2015

At the table in Naples with Expo 2015

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Naples approaches the Milan Expo 2015 with an event to be enjoyed! The theme of Expo 2015 is "Feeding the Planet ", so tomorrow we will talk about Mediterranean diet, product traceability and quality of our food. A big Planetary Table where you can taste foods from Naples and the world with good international cuisine. At the "Planetary Table”There will be nine different cuisines, in addition of course to the menu of classic Mediterranean cuisine.

An opportunity to taste flavors from the Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Senegal, Morocco, Ukraine and China. A similar event has already been held in Bologna and others will take place in the cities of Italy; after tomorrow's event, the Planetary Table will once again return to Naples to promote Expo 2015. It is not just a moment of tasting but also of reflection to create a recovery circuit for the quality of our food and evaluate the capacity for exporting our food typical products in the world.

The event will be welcomed with enthusiasm by all Neapolitans, so the Councilor for Development of the Municipality of Naples, Marco Esposito comments "A large planetary table where you can taste (free) foods from the world and Naples " - continues Esposito talking about the integration of Naples and all of Italy a Expo 2015"What matters is to create an Italy system in which we can symbolically be all together in Milan in 2015: it is no coincidence that the fair has a large decumanus which happens to be as long as Spaccanapoli, where all the regions and provinces of Italy with their flavors ".

The appointment is set for Saturday 17 November, in Naples on the seafront and at the Rotonda Diaz, starting at 12, with theExpo tour. The structure designed by architect Michele De Lucchi will await us on the Rotonda Diaz, within which information materials and the delicious "Planetary Table”Which will open the road show program. In a food and wine scenario like this, the Campi Flegrei and the Italian Sommelier Association. Naples is a milestone for theExpo Tour, just think that the city has about 50 thousand foreign presences.

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