How to report waste to the government

How to report waste to the government

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ll Government appeals directly to the Italian people to report the waste and to suggest i cuts more effective to carry out to reduce the public spending. The Government therefore it decided to involve citizens in the revision of the public spending through a special site web. This online service gives each user the ability to advance their own reporting which will probably be verified and maybe even get a response.

This is the latest initiative by Mario Monti's executive to reduce expenses after the appointment of Enrico Bondi, former Parmalat reorganizer, to the role of commissioner for the review of public spending.

How to report waste to the government. The site
There's a module to be completed on the website of Government in the section "Give your opinion": first enter a series of personal data such as name, address and email and then report waste to the Government that you consider such.

Judging by how our country is doing, it is easy to imagine that the reports they are a lot.
As soon as it was activated, it was overwhelmed by countless messages from citizens. Official sources say that more than 20,000 are arriving a day.

Why such a strong participation by the Italians for report waste to the Government?
It's obvious! citizens in this way finally feel involved in being able to make people feel through the web, your own voice. they are also too tired of being harassed by taxes or perhaps being surrounded by people who squander public money on never completed works or never implemented projects.
A real openness to the population, provided that it is effective!

Only doubt! Is this a government of technicians that appoints technicians and then asks the population to do the work that technicians should do?
Meanwhile, here is the module online to be filled out in its various components for those who intend report waste to the Government.

Video: Rand Paul on Government Waste Spending (June 2022).


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