Folding electric bike

Folding electric bike

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With the progress of innovations there is a proportional increase in needs. So users don't just want one electric bicycle but they require that it, among its characteristics, also include the possibility of being easily folded. This is how the folding electric bikes. The market is not yet completely ready to satisfy this type of request but some models are already on sale. Let's see.

The most practical in the industry might consider buying a simple one foldable bike and turn it into one electric bicycle. How? The market offers kits that allow the conversion of classic bikes into electric bikes. The kit in question is called BionX, it was not born for folding bikes but with due caution it could fit very well.

Folding electric bikes for sale

Compact MyWay, more than one folding electric bike it is a foldable and electric scooter. Perfect for urban mobility. It costs around 1,600 euros, offers electric power and maximum portability, only 12 kg for its very small size.

E-cycle it's afolding electric bike, ideal for days in the countryside. The bike can be conveniently stored in the trunk of the car, in a camper or in the hold of a boat. It is currently proposed on for 847 US $ but to have it shipped to Europe you will have to write to the site managers to make arrangements.

An all-Italian product that offers excellent value for money is the Ecofolding folding electric bike offered by Atala: with 1,080 Euros it will be sent to your home via on which you can also see all the technical details.

Folding electric bike: in concept

Betweenportable bicycles of greater importance we can point out "VeloChic", one electric bicycle, with a lithium ion battery of 24v, 6AH. Thereportable bicycle it can be folded and stored in a guitar-like case. VeloMini has an anodized aluminum frame and a 180 watt motor that allows you to travel without the aid of pedals, distances of about 20 km at a speed of about 6 meters per second.

The concept with the greatest impact is nCycle, una folding electric bicycle. With a futuristic appearance and ultralight materials. The bike has all the credentials to go into production but the prices could be quite prohibitive: each nCycle bicycle could cost around $ 4,000.

Another concept is proposed by BMW, it is the the Pedelecs. There folding electric bike within reach of luggage. At this link all the details.

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