IPhev, the app to recharge EVs

IPhev, the app to recharge EVs

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iPhev is an application for iPhone OS able to geolocate all filling stations for electric vehicles. The application is the result of a "independent environmental project " but above all, it is the result of the work of Benedetto Pillon and Matteo Cozzi who by engaging have developed aapp useful and free.

iPhev was designed and developed to be constantly updated, each user can give his free contribution by reporting the presence of new ones charging columns, without excluding the electricity company: iPhev is one of the few applications that collects all petrol stations regardless of the dispenser.

Another application released with the same purpose is "Enel Drive ". The utility was developed by Enel SpA itself but shows only its own electric columns. Among the goodies of the application is the signaling of charging column that automatically can be set as the destination of the GPS in order to calculate the shortest route to reach the charging station. This function can also be easily started with iPhev, just locate on the map the electric column of our preference, select the address and calculate the route.

Once the filling station that we prefer, we can share it on Facebook or Twitter, calculate the route or report it by email.

The application comes with a simple and intuitive interface, the user can view the entire charging network and v present on Italian territory. Looking at the display, at first glance, the Roman one seems to be the geographical area with the highest intensity of electric columns. A big demerit goes to regions like la Campania that count as one EV charging column in the Salerno area.

Lovers of the environment will appreciate the "News" section where the iPhev team selects the latest news about the world of electric mobility.

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